Note: I decided to remove comments since, in the past, they were really debatey and/or trolly. This was an old video, anyhow, so I figured I’d just get rid of it all. Nothing against anyone who commented! I would just like to remember this video for what my editing was like back then, rather than that silly drama that went down. This is my choice C:

NOTE: I am aware that Robin and Superboy are both DC characters. The title of the MEP that I submitted this to was “DC/Marvel Slash MEP” and you could use either DC characters, Marvel characters, or a crossover.

TECHNICALLY it’s Tim Drake/Conner Kent, even though the YJ version of Robin is Dick Grayson. So I decided to put my Give No Fucks pants on and pretend that he’s Tim Drake for the sake of this video. He looks like him, anyhow.
ANYWHO it’s superhero slash. The beginning’s a bit awkward, since I didn’t really know what to do with it, but hey, it’s all done! 😀
Clips are from the cartoon Young Justice
Huggy comic book part is from Red Robin
Huggy fanart is not mine
Random pictures at the end are random
Will give link to complete MEP and all it’s glory once it’s finished~

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