All the hype with regard to Dragon Ball Super is about Goku’s new form, but what about Vegeta? Will the Prince of all Saiyans get the Limit Breaker form as well? I think so, and I’ve got some evidence! This is theory time!

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  1. Well in the manga they give vegeta perfect blue and they said goku and vegeta will rival beerus that shows vegeta will get a new form but next arc

  2. I hope Vegeta gets a new form, based on his success with gaining SSGSS I think he will shatter his limits when he sees Goku transform because he doesn't want to be left behind power wise and also nobody pushes themselves to become better and stronger than Vegeta.

  3. allthe positive things about vegeta (character development, proud dad and family man, willing to accept lessons from whis which is very impressive considering vegeta always trained alone, and by training alone he accomplished everything goku had except ssj3 but that a waste of energy so all good) make him deserve a powerup/newform/technique that puts im above goku 10 times over even goku in kaio ken x20. if only for this tournament of power and that makes him win.

    if this happens i will never complain about vegeta being shat on ever again, because this is when he gets proper respect and shows that he can actually carry his universe to the win. whatever happens to him after this is none of my concern, at least i was alive to see vegeta get the big win instead of these mediocre eliminations he been doing thusfar in this tournament.

    also, i respect and love goku, but its so tiring to see him get the shine every single time. why you even have other characters if you re not gonna use them? waste of potential.

    vegeta's state is the same as dragonball's state, so much wasted potential. only to kiss goku's ass. fuck outta here

  4. Have you been watching the same show I've been watching? Vegeta has been getting love throughout the entire DBS Series in fact way more than Goku.

    Really I hope that Vegeta gets eliminated soon to end these blasphemous theories once and for all.

    There's no way the veggie boy that has Ultra instinct…. At least for right now. They already introduced it through Goku, they're not going to over abused it by introducing a second time to another person.


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