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“No Matter Where Eren Is, Mikasa Will Follow”


  1. There is the possibility of his death, but hopefully they at least find a cure before his four years are up. But your example of Harry Potter, actually does beg the question if Hajime will pull that move. But we'll have to wait and see

  2. it is possible eren will die in the ending he is too damaged and angry for the way the world is changing around him and he can't except it but now that war is coming because of him there might not be a future for him but if Mikasa is more willing than him to move on and forgive she could have a life even if she has eren's child and on a high note how will Mikasa react if levi tells her he's her cousin

  3. TBH I had to admit it but

    Jean is the most responsible ship with Mikasa if Eren dies

    I mean Eren dies
    Little while later Armin dies so cancel that ship
    Levi is to old
    Connie doesn’t make sense
    Unless Mikasa is gay
    Than yeah sadly Jean makes sense most.

  4. I’m kinda stuck on this since there are a couple of outcomes in this but those are some great theory’s 👍🤫

  5. Well, i do have a theory about the way Eren might survive!!!! It goes as follows……….

    So when u look into both the manga and the anime it can be noted that none of the titan shifters except one were actually faced with true love (a true love's kiss maybe).
    This theory can be supported from the fact that Grisha yeager looked like he was not effected by the curse of yamir at all when they portrayed him (this is noting the fact that grisha at that instance might only have at least about 2-3 years to live when we saw him last. This is because Eren was about 10 years old during that time which means that Grisha only met Eren's mother after becoming a titan shifter. Which adds up his titan shifter years to about 10-11). But despite all this he looked completely not effected by the curse compared to the last portrait of him before begin turned into a titan himself (before meeting Eren's mother).
    Therefore, i believe that all the other titan shifters mentioned, did not seem to have any love related relationship which did not lead to them getting a true love's kiss. As a result all the titan shifters aged up and was affected by Ymir's curse.
    However i believe that if Eren got his kiss or even understood the love from Mikasa he would be able to not get effected by the curse just like his father did.
    Hey, i'm not entirely sure whether this is correct, but by analyzing both the manga and the anime i think that my theory stands solid.

  6. I realy hope Eren will not die, he us my favorite character, and I love the idea of him having a happy ending with Mikasa.

  7. What if it was just a dream and it was a prediction of his future because in the beginning he had a dream, that he died…If you didnt catch that, and he saw his mom getting killed by the titan, and it actually happened. I'm not sure, but just putting thoughts out there. I think Mikasa would do all in her power to make sure he stays alive, because she has that connection where she wont give up on him, of course. I hope they do end up together, even tho its kinda obvious.

  8. I have a theory about Erens death, if he does die that is: After Mikasa watches Eren die before her, she becomes hysterical and starts laughing, at in this moment, she is armed with her ODM/3DM gear, and takes out one of her blades, and attempts to take her own life, Levi seeing this attempts to stop her although her blade is already being aimed at her heart, Levi ends up savng her from death but she is injured next to the heart, later in the medic tent she dies. It is a dark theory I know

  9. I'm pretty optimistic of Eren surviving in the end, which I pray he does. I want him to live not just because he's one of my favorite characters but because poor Eren has suffered too much. He needs and deserves to be happy. No matter how dark the series is, a happy ending can happen. Happiness can be found anywhere, even in darkest times and places.
    I've had this same exact theory that a commenter has already mentioned of a possible way of Eren surviving. What if true love can save Eren? What if Mikasa's love can save Eren? I mean, the past titan shifters who have died did not have any romantic relations except for Eren's father, Grisha. Ever since being with his wife Carla, Grisha seemed to have lived longer than 13 years since inheriting the founding and attack titan powers. And the way Grisha died was being eaten by Eren. It makes a whole lot of sense. It's a strong possibility that Mikasa will be the one to save Eren's life. Maybe by having Eren understanding Mikasa's love for him and actually developing the same feelings, leading them up to a true love kiss can save Eren's life. This would be a great and satisfying ending for both Eren and Mikasa to get a chance to have a happy and peaceful life together and for us Eremika shippers.

  10. I dont want Eren to die.I dont want Armin to die.I dont want Mikasa to be alone and depressed.I dont want Jean and Mikasa.I dont want Levi and Hanji to adopt Mikasa(and maybe her child).Only what i want is EREMIKA.💞💞I Want them to be married,to have a child.I want Armin to be alive and happy.😊😊💝I want Levi and Hanji to be together.Maybe it would be good if Jean and Christa be together.But if something bad happen to Eren….I would be dead…I honestly love him.He,Mikasa and Armin are my favorites characters.Besides,Levi,Hanji,Erwin are my favorites too.I love aot so much but honestly for me if some important character die it would be so bad and i would be disapointed…😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  11. Im gonna be honest, they could probably get away with it, but only in the manga, I dont see them killing him in the manga I mean the fans will RIOT soooo its either keep him alive, or the creators die, lol but I do think they would keep him alive


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