Here is yet another new DC movie that received nothing but terrible reviews from the critics. Suicide Squad, in my opinion, is anything but a terrible movie. We saw the same phenomenon happen with Batman V Superman, and I believe this is a trend that’s going to continue on with the rest of the DC films. Suicide Squad does a great job of introducing characters we’ve loved for years, and giving them a single goal. That’s what makes Suicide Squad a fantastic film. It’s not the explosions or the witty banter. It’s the exposition of these hardened, and ultimately human, criminals.





  1. I loved it. Like you, I can't go into a movie looking for something to dislike about it. At that point, why even watch the movie to begin with? I do wish we had gotten more Joker. From what we got, Leto nails the creepy aspect of The New 52 Scott Snyder version of Joker as well as Jack Nicholson's gangster bravado.

  2. I really enjoyed it! the music was great loved the characters and the villain was not that bad to me anyway and I am a DC fan but I have not seen or heard of the suicide squad people until this movie it was totally different witch was cool! thanks for your review! 👍

  3. I loved Batman v superman, i thiughtbit was an amazing film. But i wasn't looking forward to suicide squad for similar reasons you weren't, it just didnt appeal to me from the trailers. But i went to see and absolutely loved this film i think its right up there in quality with man of steel and BvS. Loved the characters and cameos and the story was great too. Action was also great.

    I feel that no matter what the DCEU do i think they will always be very divisive because for some reason people get held up with interpretations of the characters and to much comparisons to the Marvel films which they shouldn't because these films are their own thing.

    3 movies into the DCEU and all 3 films have been awesome movies in my opinion.

    great video mate

    cheers 🙂

  4. Great minds think alike! I find entertainment in all movies even the bad ones because I just love watching movies! People get do jaded when it comes to film nowadays, everything has to be dissected and broke down so much that you can't just have fun with them anymore. I really enjoyed this movie! I don't know what people are saying about it because I don't watch reviews at all, but I loved this movie!

  5. To be honest I loved it! Saw it today 🙂 thank god I did! I 100% respect people that didn't enjoy it but I found it great! And The Joker (played by Jared Leto) I found really entertaining! My first DC film too. Watching The Dark Knight tomorrow.

  6. I loved it too saw it today was better than batman vs superman which I loved also.
    This movie was not about the enchantress and her bro. It was about joker,Harley. And the squad. It was better than age of ultron to me.
    Waller was awesome, the characters were great. But it was about joker and Quinn. A jail break movie.

  7. you're right it wasn't meant to be a blockbuster like BvS was, instead it's a side story that will help fill pieces of a big one, in the future. The Joker in my opinion is a very mature joker; he's the Joker who's been crazy for a great deal of time now, just like Bruce as Batman.

  8. At first i didn't even wanted to see Suicide Squad, my friends invited me to go see it with them. I had no expectations for it and i absolutely loved it. It was great, fun to watch, entertaining, lots of back story. I was kind of upset because all of the bad reviews then i watched your video and now i feel more happy. I totally agree with you on going to the movie theater to ENJOY movies, not look for the errors and that stuff. Great video! p.s. Nice hair.

  9. We don't nitpick, nitpicking would be "one of the jokers nails was too long" What we do is look it films as what they are, films. We look at pacing, motivation, visuals, camera work, score, soundtrack, writing, performances, storytelling, complexity, lighting, all these things and its simply not a good flick. Horrible acting and writing, abysmal visuals, a truly dull cinematography and lighting, a depiction of the joker depiction that fucking made me wanna leave the theater, a dull and nonsensical story, horrible villains and a very disappointing use of the soundtrack.

  10. Awesome video and defence of a great underrated superhero movie man. I've just subscribed, and I've defended Suicide Squad on my channel too if you want to check that out!

  11. Dude, you are giving a misleading view of critics. We critics dont "nitpick" or go to watch a movie only looking for bad thinks, we judge a product in base of what we know of Good cinemathograpy, storytelling, composition, etc.
    There is no right way to go watch a movie, you want to go and have fun, go and have fun, but dont you dare to say that your way of watching a movie is the right one.

    Based on your words, i can see you are no critic, then please learn the diference between SOMETHING GOOD AND SOMETHING ENTRETEINING. Do not mislead people into watching one of the worst movies ever, or even worst, dont make them belive this is an acceptable product.

    Also, im sorry but Suicide Squad was an abomination to cinematography in general, i hope ther´s never a movie like this ever again.

  12. Suicide squad was a horrible movie. The suicide squad movie was way off from the real [DC] suicide squad. The first suicide squad first off had bane. I was really excited to see bane but no. El diablo wasn't even a real suicide squad character. Even will smith said he regretted making the movie. I am not trying to hate or anything I am just trying to tell my opinion.

  13. "Nightcrawler" is a character driven movie.
    "Her" is a character driven movie.
    "American beauty" is a character driven movie.
    "Suicide squad" is a cash grab, a product made by a studio.
    I respect your opinion but i think you watched a different movie

  14. I also liked Suicide Squad. I won't call it a masterpiece or anything. But yeah…it was entertaining. I liked it. It had it's flaws. But apart from all that… it's entertaining.

  15. I totally agree. Possibly the thing I liked most about it is that it didn't take itself so damn seriously. Batman v Superman was so joyless and grim that unlike you, I didn't enjoy a majority of what it had to offer. Suicide Squad had fun with its concept, while still never venturing into slapstick. The morally ambiguous characters were another highlight. The Squad are all major criminals but Amanda Waller is the most devious person on screen.


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