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  1. Jae big fan, i love all your vids. Im a huge comic book reader but the problem is in my country theres only one comic book  shop and an issue costs ten bucks and I only have digital comics. love u bro

  2. Under Armour has very good comic shirt, and are good for working out. The down side is they are expensive, but very good quality

  3. Man these shirt sites are awesome, but there only in America :/ I want awesome Superhero T-shirt websites in Britain god-dammit!
    One to look at is Redbubble though. You can find practically any design on there, its awesome.

  4. Teepublic is pretty good. But im warning you guys. Atleast buy multiple shirts and not just one because its $8.00 shipping and that price for one shirt isnt worth it.

  5. I was looking for a cool superhero shirt or hoodie to wear to our Fan Expo here in Vancouver. Yes, where they film #arrow  and #theflash . I started looking at the sites you suggested for something but decided to stop when Leonard Nimoy died. To honor him, I decided to cosplay as Spock. It will be my first time to do cosplay so hope I don't screw it up especially with #WilliamShatner  being one of the guests there!

    Speaking of the Expo, #stephenamell  and #johnbarrowman  will also be there along with #CarrieFisher  and some stars from Walking Dead and other celebrities. If I'm not too shy or star struck, I may do some vids of the Expo and post it in my YouTube page. I'm going to be broke after this!! (Need to pay to get their autograph and pic)

  6. Red bubble has awesome shirts all
    You have to do is is type in the key word like the flash or superman and you will have a bunch to choose from

  7. TeePublic is a brilliant store for all comic book or pop culture shirts. Shirts are good quality and they have sales down to 14$ fairly often. Couldn't recommend it any higher.


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