G’day my fellow nerds! My name is Larissa and this is my reaction to Chapter 2 of RWBY Volume 5!! I can’t believe they just did that!

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  1. Nerds of Aus Lots of amusing reactions to what happened in this episode. Though when I saw how you reacted to Sienna Khan's death, I started to think that maybe it is a ploy (we know nothing of Sienna's semblance) and that she and Adam are seeking to outplay Cinder and Salem down the line (considering both did not want to be serving humans in any capacity). I can kind of see Weiss getting close to the spring maiden and somehow getting their help to escape the bandits before certain things happen. All in all loved your reactions in this and looking forward to the next chapter reaction šŸ™‚

  2. Well things just got real and I'm excited for the next episode oh and nerd of Aus what is your favorite and least favorite episodes of rwby?

  3. It's a good thing that gravity glyph held Weiss's skirt down, that could have been embarrassing! Where Sienna Khan is concerned, if you go back and look at the angle of Adam's blade, he'd have missed most of her vitals (lungs, heart) and if she has any kind of healing factor (we didn't see her aura flare and we don't know what her semblance is) she could possibly heal up and team with Blake in taking the White Fang back from Adam. Oh, and I hope you know I was joking on your live stream when I said I'd send in fan art of you that would make you blush. I'm an old school gentleman, and would never do anything like that to you. Looking forward to your next reaction, until then, take care Larissa. Michael

  4. What happened to Cinder's voice?! It sounds different and I would like to point out that stab wasn't close to the heart,lungs, or stomach if they were Sienna would have cough blood which leads me to believe some whitefang Sienna Khan loyalist might bring her back to life with a shaman

  5. They could just have titled this episode RWBY Volume 5 Chapter 2 Oh S**T! because that's what all of us were saying. There's at least a dozen "Oh S**T!" moments in this episode and I think you hit pretty much every one šŸ™‚

    I love the Seer-as-Palantir idea, and listening to Chris Sabat as Watts verbally chew scenery is always fun. And hey, we're five volumes in, about time we got some tentacle action going on in this here anime, amirite?

    The chase/fight scene was amazing, the CRWBY really outdid themselves on that one. And RIP pilot… he was great while he lasted.

    Hazel = new favorite villain. that last line of his "Nobody needed to die today." was perfectly written and delivered. And did you get an Adam-as-Joffrey vibe from that last throne pose? I sure did.

  6. When I first saw this episode, as soon as Adam started walking towards Siena I knew exactly what he was going to do. Classic cowards maneuver. Distract her, get close, then, strike quickly. I think Adam knew he could not beat her in a fare fight…. Not that he will, but now Adam needs to worry about what Salem intends to do about him. I don't think she is going to want him around as a loose cannon.
    And last but not least…. WEISS IS BEST GIRL.

  7. There are lots of great reactions to this episode out there, especially to Sienna being skewered, but yours is one of the best!

    Favourite bits: Chris Sabat as Watts — he does seem to be enjoying himself with this role.

    The aerial fight — we see very few fights in RWBY that are fought solely with ranged techniques (I think Cinder vs Glynda in V1E1 is the only other?) so there's not much to directly compare it with, but it was done really well.

    Some of the small but neat art details, like the mud spatters on the bandit's boot at the end, that show how far RWBY has come since Volume 1.


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