Thanks for joining me for another “Letters from the Cosmere.” Please check out the fantastic artists who submitted and shared their work to make this protect special!

Thumbnail Art: Kaladin Stormblessed by Chillalord:
Vin (from the Mistborn trilogy) by intrepidati0n:
Sylphrena The Honorspen Stormlight Archives Fanart by 8-bitpunch:
Kaladin Stormblessed by Chillalord:
Elantris by BotanicaXu:
vin above luthadel by mking2008:
The Cosmere Cast (Ver. 1.0) by BotanicaXu:
Blushweaver by axt234:
The Emperor’s Soul Characters – The Bloodsealer by BotanicaXu:
White Sand – Khriss and Kenton by BotanicaXu:
Vin and Inquisitor by mking2008:
WoK – Kaladin and Syl (Studio Ghibli Style) by BotanicaXu:

Today’s episode we discuss the general definition of Investiture. Investiture is the enabling power of the Cosmere that can be wielded by the people and animals of the Cosmere to perform seemingly supernatural effects. Elsric goes into detail about some of the observations he has made as well as share some of his own personal terminology to help categorize different types of Investiture use. Primarily he talks about the difference between an Open Concept and Closed Concept Investing.

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  1. Ha! You could make a little series just about Hoid, and speculation about his activities all around the Cosmere…. I'll be looking forward this series anyway.

    Keep it up!!

  2. Great job! Question about the incredible art at 3:50: so from left to right I see Sixth, Kalladin, Vasher, this white dragon guy, Sazed, Khriss, Jasnah, Vin (?), and this redheaded woman. Who are the white dragon guy and redhead? And is that really Vin? I've never seen her wear anything other than black with her mistcloak.

  3. is there any chance you have these written out anywhere?! I'd love to be able to go back and read them etc when I'm at work and what not.

    please say yes!!


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