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  1. With all of the knowledge in the universe can come with the knowledge to survive in it forever. Then again would you want to, or would you want to in a way that you can start over?

  2. Amazing how he sounds nothing like his brother. I wonder how family get togethers are like, with the different accents in the mix

  3. Dear Mr Jonathan Nolan and Ms Lisa Joy
    You two have single handedly created a beautiful masterpiece of a show. I’m a fan of movies and TV shows but always sided to the more focused storylines of movies and the beautiful cinematography, that can’t be captured any other way unless it’s on film. That’s why I’ve always been a fan of the HBO route, it’s like an extra long movie, that you get to intensely watch on a weekly basis but once it’s complete, you can binge all focused 10 episodes in one complete form.
    This I think, is the first interview I’ve watched of yours. You’re both incredibly charismatic and you and your show have inspired me to go ahead and work on the ideas I’ve had for stories. I really hope to meet either of you one day and shake your hand or at the very least create a show or movie that is half as good as Westworld.
    Much love and respect,
    Yours sincerely David Browning

  4. My guess is that they don't know what they are doing in the future season until they get greenlit for a new season. They admitted that the concept of Stubbs being a host came up the night before shooting the "Dolores leaves" scene…

  5. So did Chris Nolan’s American Tosh.0 lookalike brother fall in love with his wife because she looks like Olivia Munn?

  6. Perhaps these hacks should spend more time coming up with a plot without tons of holes… Spoiled Quantico Kids.

  7. I mean really, the Dallas play? Who the hell came up with that theory? That's garbage and would be a complete disaster. It's a cheap and very lame way to get out of a hole. Nothing clever or original about it.

  8. Hey, if were looking for a "focused" story line…forget it. It is as frustrating as it is amazing. It is also terribly hard to follow.

  9. Season 2 was an abomination. All these cultureless morons in the comments would be admiring the emperor's new clothes too. You could have Anthony Hopkins dryhump a Commodore 64 for ten hours next season, and they'll still be talking about how profound each thrust is.


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