G’day my fellow nerds! My name is Larissa and today I am reacting to Episode 5 of RWBY Chibi Season 2 titled ‘Girls Rock’!! Woohoo Rock band!

Make sure you watch the original video on Rooster Teeth’s channel: or on their website:

Note that the episode came out 2 hours earlier on YouTube so I posted my reaction earlier than normal as well 🙂

This is not endorsed by Rooster Teeth in any way. Views, opinions, thoughts are all my own. Rooster Teeth and RWBY are trade names or registered trademarks of Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC. © Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC.

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Music from YouTube Audio Library:
Intro/Outro – Invisible by Vibe Tracks
Beat Your Competiton by Vibe Tracks

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  1. Ruby: "Any requests?" "FREEBIRD!" Yang: "Watch our Uncle Qrow against Weiss' sister and sync the fight with the guitar solo." "Camp Camp!" Ruby: "You heard 'em Jaune, you got the best David Impression." Jaune takes a deep breath, "GOOOD morning campers!"

    (In another universe) "Huntsman and Wonder Zwei will save the day!" Vav: "Uh, mate, we were here first." Jaune geeks out, "X-Ray and Vav! MY HEROES!"

  2. After a painful break-up with his HuntsMan mentor, WonderZwei will retire his youthful persona and take the mantle of NightZwei!


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