Episode 166 DCEU – 6/21/2018
On Today’s Show, I discuss the following topics –

Wonder Woman 84 to bring Gal Gadot to Hall H with a surprise look at the sequel!

David F. Sandberg expresses his excitement for San Diego Comic Con, in a way confirming a reveal.

Thoughts on The Flash being like Back to the Future.

Comic Movie Marks brings up an excellent point by digging up a Richard Donner Cut interview. Richard Donner didn’t approve Superman II and therefore didn’t want his name on the Richard Lester cut. Zack Snyder didn’t see Josstice League. Was Zack given the choice to forgo his name as director? Are there legal or DGA actions here?

Ignorant people are pulling in Snyder Cut Fans into the Remake The Last Jedi crowd.

#ReleaseTheSnyderCut #ManOfSteel Edition tomorrow!

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  1. Naysayers are the most contagious thing. Screw the trolls, and those people who hate just to hate. The DCEU fan base is strong, and still growing. I personally think that most of these people spreading hate here are 12 year olds who have nothing better to do than watch Comicbookcast2, and spread hate towards DC. Keep up the good work Chris, and don’t let these lowlifes bring you down!

  2. In the Donner Cut situation, was it that the other director had enough time and directing credit that he could receive a directing credit per the Directors Guild rules? So it would have said directed by Donner and the other guy.
    Whereas in the JL situation, Whedon couldn't get a director credit (per DG rules) so if not Snyder, whose name would have gone on it? If there was no one else who could get that credit, then maybe no agreement is necessary.

  3. I don’t care what any of these trolls say about Zack Snyder and his films. I still want my directors cut . The true intended version of the justice league! Let us decide if it isn’t good or not.. (even though I know it was and is awesome deep down)

  4. I sure hope its anouncement for the snyder cut this saturday at comic con, but could it just be the trailer release for aquaman?

  5. Good point on snyder cut, but think through dirictor's guild, in reverse aspect of if Whedon were to get writing and directibg credit had to write and film 30% as Snyder filmed over 70% of movie, WB would just stamp Snyder's name on it.

  6. https://youtu.be/94NvhpuyL5Y this is John Campea talking about the Doomsday comment by ZS, that BVS doomsday not the real Doomsday. What interesting is his view on ZS position in DC WB right now, saying disconnected and what ZS reaction to fans dont really matters with what Hamada DC wants. What your thoughts on that?

  7. All you little kids who attack DC fans and say they're not DC fans but Zack Snyder fans you are the ones that are not DC fans y'all are donner/Nolan fans so grow up and realize it oh and I won't be replying to all you little dummies so reply away and show everybody your stupidity

  8. I don't like having too much comedy with a Flash movie. Should be more serious. They're still trying to be like Marvel if they do.

  9. Joss Whedon had to change a certain amount of the film to get credit, yet….it says s Zack Snyder film. Good point Chris. I hope we get the Snyder Cut.

  10. I think the flash movie will focus mainly on Barry Allen trying to prevent his mom's death and the outcome of the flash movie will bleed over into a flash sequel called flashpoint.

  11. Dude you need to learn about film . DGA n the DGA only decides who gets directors credit . Also it's not his movie it's the studios movie. He works for them, they don't need approval on anything from him.

  12. Chris Wong
    How about you add tinfoil over a Cowboy hat.

    Give it some shape and style brother.

    Peace✌ and 💘 Love

  13. The last Jedi is already been remade thanks to Ivan at film fix!!! He has already made the movie better 😀

  14. Snyder gave us a stupid Lex Luthor. So no more Snyder please. Also the DCEU didn't failed because it was dark and not light like the MCU. It failed because Snyder failed to make the general audience care about his movies. The Nolan trilogy was dark and won the attention of the general audience. Snyder fans are just in denial. Snyder is not a box office draw.

    Not trying to be mean. Am just saying that people should just forget about a movie cut that might or might not exist(and will do nothing to fix the DCEU). And that's from a director who's vision failed to capture the audience attention.

  15. Several comments saying he needs to learn about film and it's all about the DGA. First look up the basic agreement for directors on the DGA website you might be surprised. Second maybe watch the video he's talking about. Donner specifically says under a directors agreement he had to watch the movie, he watched it and said he didn't want his name on it. Chris isn't making that up, it directly came from Donner. So are you calling Donner a liar because of what you think you saw on the DGA website?

  16. Piss off, haters. The Josstice League-loving retards got their movie. They got "hope, smiling, optimism" and it was fucking awful, the lowest grossing DCEU movie and nothing but a meme-fest. The Josstice fans can shut the fuck up. You idiots got your movie. Move on. #ReleaseTheSnyderCut

  17. There is no way on God's green earth that Snyder would have approved that mess of a movie. It was a departure of his vision and so he would never have given it a pass. I'm sure that even Whedon is embarrassed over his effort.

  18. You do realize the "Directed by" credit isn't decided by Snyder or WB but by the DGA. The DGA has disallowed a director removing their name from a movie since 1998. You really need to learn how the industry works. If Snyder was allowed by the DGA to remove his name (something no longer allowed) it would have read "Directed by Alan Smithee" Please learn some stuff dude

  19. He didn't wanna screw his career over a goddamn Justice League movie. He still wants to make films for WB. He threw his hands up with an understanding that they would "finish" the movie. There's really not much he can do. That's probably more stress than it's worth to raise a stink and start fighting with a major film studio. Especially when you're a FILM MAKER. They have all the power and leverage with these properties and he's a company man.

  20. Hmm fair classic case of rotten ,morbid corporate work culture when they are hell bent to dismiss or shun some 1 from a job or project.The company makes you sign a dingy deceptive agreement that you do not approve of & be eventually be expunged from your post.Damn Warner Bros might have done exactly that with Zack Snyder .#BringZackBack# #ReleaseSnyderJLCut#☺️💐

  21. Dude, DC hasn't ever done a direct translation of a comic book. You're not gonna get flashpoint. Same as you didn't get the Dark Knight Returns for batman v superman.

  22. Hello Wong, I liked the new "hat style" 🙂 Lets Celebrate that! 🙂 About the Snyder vs Joss JL, i can assure you Zackary did not aprove that version of the movie. He was credited because he have the most footage of the movie (even with the reeshoots that Joss did on the movie). The principal Photography is over 6 Hours Long. So in the end unless the movie was ALL reshoot the credits would allways going to be Zack Snyder… I know this is a very wicked and distorced way of screwing Zack Snyder over… But thats the rules of the game.
    The good part is… By being Credited as the Director, he can redo his work again and call it the DIRECTORS Cut, or Ultimate Edition, or the Snyder Cut.
    So short anwser… is NO!

    I will be with limited internet access, im currently travelling From EU to US and back for some meetings and reunions. But if i can i will reply.
    Best Regards,


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