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Congrats to Heatherpool and Silentsong for being my first ocs to have both a mom and a dad! they get this family photo to celebrate it!

Commission info –

Contact me via email at

Music used:
1st song:
Homestuck – Bronze Rebel

Programs used:
Paint tool SAI
Camtasia Studio

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  1. im early holy crap! Ugh I would commission you but im broke XD
    (not really just not enough to pay for anything special RN DX)

    also do you draw any other animals like dragons or something?

  2. Awesome job! I can't seem to bring myself to have characters with parents, I'll do that someday.

    Also, do you mind saying who's who in this?

  3. This is gorgeous!
    I know you propably get this question a lot, but do you make art trades? Or collaborations? ;w;

  4. if u had looked on my channel ud no that I made a family speedpaint as well. but either way congrats 2 them!

  5. Your so good. I'm almost at your level of art! I just need more practice! Right now I've been studying pelts. I've grown using spotted pelts and plain. I don't know why the thought of a tabby pelt is so difficult…. Also eyes, I want to make the eyes I give me drawing seem kinda magical. I want to make each characters eyes seem different from every other eye.
    But practice makes purrfect. I'm not giving up now! I've come to far for that.

  6. Did u draw this with mouse?! :0 im tradition artist and i have a question: can u give critism to my last art? ;w; i wanna improve and someone told me i need to ask EVERYONE to give critism :p thank u :3


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