Today’s Waifu is fan-favorite from Overwatch, Tracer.

Doll and Cosplay links:
Tracy (Custom Angela doll):
Angela (doll):

Tracer Wig:
Tracer Shirt:
Tracer Pants:
Tracer Goggles:

Gameplay footage: Overwatch (on PC)

Sponsor: The Doll House (UK)
DC Doll House (USA)
The-Doll-House featured in GQ magazine:

Celestina’s Instagram:

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  1. I'm going to be an honest asshole for a bit, but the wig killed my vibe for this tracer cosplay. You did a good job with what had around regardless. Wigs should be better so we don't have to be the macgiver of sex doll cosplay.

  2. You're doing God's work.
    Shame that Phil (and Doll House) has so many people gunning for him.
    Love this series.

  3. she's sexy af lol i'm impressed. imagine another 5 years, women are finished lmfao!

  4. Im a future doll owner. And im keen on dressing her up and let her cosplay. So this series is great. I thought about to use one of those morphsuits. There are some from Overwatch and other characters like Metroids Samus. I would be interested to know if those things are safe to use or if they bleed out. Also i would be curious how much weight one doll can carry before it gets somehow dangerous for the outer material and the joints.

  5. Lycra or latex trousers (pants), or leggings (yoga pants), might have hugged her arse better and shown off her curves to anime standard.
    But still, good job.

  6. Awesome video. I actually saw the tracer doll on the doll house website yesterday and was tempted.

    My first doll is a 140cm, small breast. I choose her because of the weight. Lifting and moving a 50+ lb awkwardly shaped object is not as easy as you would think. I regularly work on equipment weighing upwards of 200lbs for my day job. Moving a 200lb square box from the floor to a work bunch with a mechanical lifting assist device is far easier than moving my 50 lb doll around.

    Clothing is a pain in the ass. I find "off the rack" extra small clothing is usually loose (and less than flattering) on her. I now have a new hobby / craft interest…. sewing and tailoring to modify clothing for a better fit. What fun…. hoping to figure out how to use a sewing machine eventually, hand sewing takes time. So, Yes, the pants can definitely be tightened up to fit better. If you don't already know how practice on some cheap thrift store pants first.


  7. I always wished Tracer was Asian. Brits are just too uptight. Like I'd be wanting to pack dat ass and just hear Cat's voice go "WUT?!That's disgusten!"

  8. Just discovered this playlist of yours. I was already subbed to you for your redpill videos but this is just pure gold. You sir just gave me a new hobby. Thanks!


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