[no spoilers]
Read Offal Hunt:
All art by me except the one at 00:46 which was drawn by [email protected]
Song: by scop: violet | hatsune miku

This was fun. obviously inspired in places by the original violet PV


  1. BEAUTIFUL VIDEO. STUNNING EDITING. GREAT ILLUSTRATIONS! You're so skilled and this is such a fitting song choice!

  2. Man I enjoyed this so much, but I know I would enjoy it so much more if I read Offal Hunt :'D.
    Whelp I know my next fic read, thanks for this amazing video~

  3. Amazing, this make me wanna join the fandom again. Great work, super great work. Editing is really on point with the music, and the song is a damn good choice. Your arts are very good and fitting, too.

    The only thing that can be improved is that maybe you can slow down the spinning, I couldn't make out some of the pics before they changed to another. Or just have clear color on the pic instead of just line and a color-ish tone above them, except black and white ones of course.

    Other than that, this make me a happier man indeed. Props to you all the way.

  4. Well, I've never thought those two could be a ship but meeeEEEH I just realized it's a good one :3

    and your art is awesome!


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