Here is the Vday themed episode with just the right timing. Enjoy the epicness and sub to me.

Download the drawing:



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Tablet – Huion WH1409
Software – Photoshop CC 2018


Thanks 4 the viewing session


  1. Draw a human but without anything above his waist, his arms are on his hips and him face is where is crotch is meant to be, clothes are optional

  2. Draw Daniel bregoli and Dr Phil in a fist fight but Daniels wearing versace clothing but Dr Phil's wearing challa clothing, and they both have large sticks in their hands

  3. Challa pls never stop using random anime backgrounds for the drawing your comments, it makes it way funnier than using a background u drew urself

  4. draw a mountain dew bottle eating an animation meme youtuber and that mountain dew bottle being eaten by a retarded looking dorito and finally the dorito is being eaten by the challa frog and of course the challa frog is wearing challa merch

  5. Draw an Rubik's cube that I falling apart with a lot of blood, and the little block It's made of are next to It, screaming of pain.


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