I read some non Undertale related lines requested by some of you in my Undyne voice.
This was so much fun to make yo. Now if you excuse me there’s a hero that still needs to be animated.

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Awesome Undyne fanart by Yuramec:

Undertale lives on!


  1. ¿Quién crees que eres, humano?
    ¿Crees que puedes entrar a mi casa y esperar que sea tu amigo?
    Bueno, tengo noticias para ti, cara de moco.
    Este es mi territorio y será mejor que salgas de aquí.
    y no me digas que papiro va a aparecer y defenderte, ¡maldita sea!

    Spanish bitches.

  2. Wow , my god that Spanish accent is soooo GOOD!!!!

    And you talk Spanish really well and that comes from someone that speaks Spanish and knows English •>•

    Edit: oh and keep it up with the great work :3
    That accent open my eyes and now I love more undying ba dam tush xd…

  3. Que gracioso es el video aun que mucho no lo entiendo pero entendi lo de Mexico ajajajaj me mate risa con la voz y la cara de frisk jajajaja

  4. me gusto quando isite la voz de undyne en Espanol. XD
    I liked it when you made undyne's voice in Spanish. XD


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