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  1. instead of having deal with it scroll up. try to have the FUCKING MEME instead of that shit. i would of actually laughed

  2. I agree, some UT fanart is fucking idiotic.
    People imagine Chara as a female, even though Flowey mentions them as their brother, but the Fandom says "FUCK THAT!"
    The fandom ruined Undertale for me.
    Also, a rant request is on a user by the name of "Sans Fredbear". He's kid on Google+ who is fucking retarded (no offense to retarded people)

  3. Yes she is a fucking cow you know what I'm fucking done na but wtf is wrong with the people who make this art

  4. I actually agree that the fan art and fan base sucks. It shows my favorite character, Toriel, that has no boobs showing, has FUCKING BOOBS THAT ARE SO LARGE!! I hate it. Not only that, but the SHIPS TAKE THE CAKE!! I do like the dreemurr family. BUT PAPYRUS X SANS?!?! NO! HELL NO!! But even though I agree with this guy, I still hate him because of the other rants.

  5. The canon picture looked great because it was kid-appropriate which is something I expect to see when I'm playing a game that is rated e or e10 if its rated T or M I could really care less.

  6. I know, right?!?! I hate this fandom and it's perverted mindset. There are good people in it, and a lot of them, but here's a pie chart of it…

    65% Perverts
    30% Good People
    5% People Who Don't Know What The F*ck Undertale Is

  7. All I can say is that this is the norm in not just Undertale. But in every other fandom and fan art.

    Btw: I heard rumors that Frisk either was going to be a little girl but it was changer to no gender. Or vice versa.

    A truly terrible fandom might be between Sonic the hedgehog because it probably started this type of fan art and stuff Of FNAF because the creator is a huge pushover and his fans are bullies who force him into making more games.

  8. But remember Rule 34: If it exists there is porn of it, no exception. Rule 35: If there is no porn of it, it will be made.


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