I am cringe trash m8!!!!! Decided to give my input as to why I included specific pictures using the best text in the world known as COMIC SANS! Anyways I really wanna do this again so if you come across anything cringy(doesn’t have to be undertale) please pm me! Subscribe for more! Thanks for watching!


  1. oh that's cool I'm going to draw this to if I finally know how to draw it by drawings kind of suck sorry but I'm a Droid again????????????????????????????????????????????????? sorry I just like to put random Emoji stuff is my favorite thing to do is to put can I put yeah I think you got the idea

  2. Is the original sans RAPING the kid? The fuck out of this house IM OUT(jumps out of window)
    Fellpaps:sans? SANS? (Looks out window)sans get back here!
    Me:Nope not today papyrus BYE PAPS!


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