I attempt to draw some more of the Undertale cast of characters into Anime! This time I draw Mettaton EX, Toriel and W.D. Gaster.

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  1. I think gaster is sans's and papyrus's dad.gaster was a royal scientist.like you said he fall to his own creation (the core I think) because of flowey I think.and then sans was an assistant of gaster.and then flowey reset.gaster was erase from the existence.and then sans is the only one who remember's gaster.sans wanted to bring gaster back with a time machine.in the right of the house I think you can find a garage that leads to the time machine.

  2. It is true that gaster fell into the void. He created a machine to kinda teleport, and as the machine was malfunctioning he fell into it. Welp, thats as long as i could get that.

  3. Mettaton is a guy but his body was designed to match his personality & he's supposed to be their dad but some have told me that he's actually heir brother and I said " TEH GAME LIES!"


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