I attempt to draw some more of the Undertale cast of characters into Anime! Falling more in love with this game everyday~

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  1. My ships are Toriel x Asgore,Temmie x Annoying dog,and Alphys x Undyne. Also Sans x Toriel is not canon don't ship it please she's like 100 and he's like 25 also I think Frisk is a boy and chara is a girl,by the way chara killed her self with poisonous flower so Asriel could take her soul and set monsters free

  2. I wish undertale came out this year so it was newer and I knew that I wasn't missing out on all the new stuff you know but I still love undertale

  3. I hate it when people ship sans and frisk it's just like inhale HOW MUCH OLDER IS SANS TO FRISK UGH sorry I just got a little out of hand there but I ship sans and Tori

  4. well she died off of the buttercups and before that she knew it was sickening because they tried to make a cake for there dad and he got a bad sickness

  5. I'm pretty sure that Chara died by eating a yellow flower called a Butterscotch Flower because Chara said she wanted the monsters to get out, do she eat the flowers and died, And Asriel hated the idea but let it happen

  6. Chara's and frisk's gender are actually ambiguous, its up to the audience to interpret their gender. That's why in the game, every character ever refers to frisk and chara as "them/they". So there's no exact gender for them, they can be either girl or boy

  7. Chara died from eating Butterscotch Flowers and everyone think chara is evil but chara is not i know every thing in undertale. Go to check "The truth behind chara"

  8. How chara died (This is the real one) : so funfact chara was actully the frist human who fell down DA UNDERGROUND then the dreemur family adopted chara and asriel and chara were basicly BFF and chara decided to eat these poisonese flowers named buttercups so that asriel can take her soul and go to the surface and he did but the humans thought that asriel killed chara and started attacking and asriel died so Asgore dicided to kill every human that comes down to get up but toriel was VERY angry of asgore's actions so toriel divorced agore and left him asgore did not like his doing but still waited for the last human to come meanwhile alpyhs was doing a little you know and i think he/she(i don't really know alphys's gender) drip some of asriel soul in a buttercup but failed then alphys planted the buttercup but it soon became FLOWEY! Oh and one more fun fact the flower thing that you start off in the game is actully…Chara's Grave

  9. I wish there whould be more german undertale fans but no, I'm alone ;-; love the drawings btw.!! Asriel is my fav ~ sooo cuuute❤️


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