G’day my fellow nerds! My name is Larissa and this is my reaction to the RWBY Volume 5 Intro. Seeing the girls together at the end made me tear up!

Please note that this is cut from my Chapter 1 reaction video and I wasn’t orignally planning to post it seperately. Also I had a lot of issues with the video stopping so I did have to edit it a bit, and the video didn’t play a couple scenes of the intro 🙁

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This is not endorsed by Rooster Teeth in any way. Views, opinions, thoughts are all my own. Rooster Teeth and RWBY are trade names or registered trademarks of Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC. © Rooster Teeth Productions, LLC.

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  1. Poor you and your buffering problems 🙁 Well done for managing to get through it and still be enthusiastic and cheerful 🙂

  2. Can you make a reaction to "SIC ILL – Epidemic (DEMO)". it already has a bunch of reactions and we think your channel would be perfect.

  3. i was actually able to see the first chapter in theaters on the thursday before the premiere, i loved it! i'm really looking forward to the new volume, and of course, your reaction videos!

  4. Me when yang v mercury these no emerald in this intro is my theory that emerald will join the good guys


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