Dan is in the photobooth this week showing most of the translucent figures he has in his collection like Spawn, Crystar, Ben10, Marvel Legends and lots of Iceman.

Considering the last time he showed what he had was the first episode of Dan in the Photobooth we thought it might be a good topic to revisit.

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  1. Really enjoy and Appreciate your channel. Favorite Translucent figures are Fire (Clear red)and Ice (clear blue) G1 Hotrod.

  2. i like clear figure too especially when cast under light…so shiny…but i dont like clear figures mixed with solid parts…tht throws me off

  3. Oops I was a dingus and deleted your nice reply. Great to hear you’re planning to do a top ten transculent list, I’ll bet señor Blanca will appear on it as he actually feels sticky like a jolly rancher, I promise that wasn’t my doing lol. Anyway I will send you both figures and if you do a photo booth video with one or both that will sure be worth the exchange. I am trying to put a photo of them here but am using my phone so not sure how to do that exactly but I used a ton of krazy glue on the GITD one and he should be fine as long as you don’t try to adjust his torso in any way or throw him at a loud neighbor, these f***ers are heavy! 🤪🤪 thank you, Thomas

  4. At first I was like "Pshh…what a small collection, especially for a self-described lover of clear toys."

    Then I watched to the end. Wow.

  5. Quick question: do you own any Sucklord pieces? Also, what do you think of someone like him doing obvious bootlegs for art's sake?

  6. "I'm buying it. I don't care if I already have one". The reason my wife hates when we go to the flea markets. Lol.

  7. yeah i love translucent figs to. I have radio active man, singularity i think shes my favorite she pops and love the shads of blue, human torch, ice man and that translucent doctor strange from that doctor strange box set. But i really want this green translucent TICK figure that came out in that super hero line when marvel legends stop for a bit, its called mucus tick. It's on ebay for a pretty penny.


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