hi i’m back and i’m eurovision trash

i’m finally working on edits again but in the meantime i thought “hey why not open up a new mep?” i hope this one gets filled since the previous one didn’t r.i.p

– render in 1080p or higher! mp4, wmv or mov
– anime, manga, games, comics, live action and fanart are all allowed as long as you follow the theme
– add a second after your part for transitioning
– 2 parts per person (but not back-to-back)
– parts are between 7-8 seconds long
– be sure to check the lyrics (listed below) before you do any typography
– fandoms can repeat once (appear 2 times total), characters can’t
– the password is toy
– if you need an extension or drop out please tell the me in advance
– submit your part to sendspace or mediafire and send it here
– if you use fanart please try to send me the art sources!

independent female characters!! just follow the lyrics and the beat

images/clips doesn’t have to be monochrome but using these colours as the most prominent is recommended

fx editing

some inspo

Part(list 3):
Media(list 3):
Character(list 3):
1 or 2 parts?:

1. Crydow C – Miu Iruma (Danganronpa V3)
3. Kariito Pax – Sombra (Overwatch)
4. Dazuki – Chloe Bourgeois (Miraculous Ladybug)
5. Robin Chirps – Kitty Pryde (X-Men/Marvel)
7. (mine) – Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy/Marvel)
*8. Axen Nale – Jade (Homestuck)
9. Robin Chirps – Arcee (Transformers)
*10. Mayra G. – Yosano (Bungou Stray Dogs)
11. rangervieve – Janet van Dyne (Avengers Academy/Marvel)
*12. Mayra G. – Kyoko Kirigiri (Danganronpa)
13. MischiefWriter – Moira (Overwatch)

Robin Chirps






  1. Password: Toy
    Part : 11
    Media: Avengers Academy(Mostly fanart)
    Character(list 3): Wasp/Janet Van dine
    Backup?: Nope

  2. Hey, welcome back! ❤️
    Password: toy
    Part: 5, 9, any other part tbh
    Media: Marvel, Transformers (With fanart probably)
    Character List: Kitty Pryde, Arcee
    1 or 2: Either way, I guess give me 2 if it doesn’t fill?
    Backup: Hell yeah

  3. FORM Password: toy
    Part (list 3): just 3?
    Media(list 3): Overwatch or Tfp
    Character(list 3): Sombra or Airachnid
    1 or 2 parts?: 1 pls
    Backup?: nope

  4. Omg i'm so crazy for this song
    Password: toy
    Part(list 3): part 4
    Media(list 3): Miraculous Ladybug
    Character(list 3): Chloe Bourgeois
    1 or 2 parts?: 1, i can take 2nd if this won't will or if you'll need a backup
    Backup?: sure!
    (I know I don't have any examples of edits on my channel, but pls believe me I can edit in fx style :'D I can do a part in a few days, if it'll suck, just replace me)

  5. Password: toy
    Part: 8 (!!!), 11, 4
    Media: Homestuck, The Adventure Zone, Overwatch
    Character: Jade, Lup, Ana
    1 or 2 parts?: 1
    Backup?: nope

  6. pw: toy
    parts: 12, 10, 2
    media: danganronpa, bungou stray dogs
    characters: kirigiri, yosano
    1 or 2 parts: 2
    backup: no sorry ^^;

  7. PW: Toy
    Parts: 6 or 2
    Media: Overwatch,
    Character: Moira or Widowmaker
    1 or 2 parts: 1 part
    Back-up: Sadly no :/

  8. Password: toy
    Top 3 parts: 1(!!), 2
    Top 3 characters: Iruma Miu (Danganronpa v3)!!, Jabami Yumeko (Kakegurui), and idkk
    1 or 2 parts?: just one!
    Backup: hmm if I have time, then yes!

  9. first. Thank you so much for using this songs and
    second. could i please be a backup i know i don't really have any edits on this account but i don't mind sending you an example

  10. Password: toy
    Part(list 3): 2,6
    Media(list 3): Devilman Grimoire, Love Live, Devilman Crybaby
    Character(list 3): Miki Makimura, Eli Ayase, Silene
    1 or 2 parts?: 1
    Backup?: yes


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