Re-uploaded with some revisions.


  1. Hm, you must have done a revision on this one, as the original disappeared and this one is in it's place…

    I didn't say it in my previous comment, but I agree with you 100% on your #1 choice. I wish I could remember the first time I read that comic… clearly, a reprint. I just can't remember where/when… regardless, it's definitely a classic!!!

    Do you really not think the Avengers were ever "great"? I thought the Thomas/Buscema issues were outstanding!!! I still love 'em, they actually survived my super hero purge… along with all of Kirby's/Ditko's Marvel stuff!! Definitely not on Kirby's level… but what was?

  2. Kirby Continuum, I hope you didn't revive this video because of my stupid comment. I was just given an opinion and I really feel bad that I made my comment. I like your videos, I'm a subscriber, but maybe I get to negative with my comments.


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