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  1. Qrow x Ruby has nothing to do with incest, because Qrow and Ruby are not related. She's the daughter of Summer and Tai. Qrow is only related to Yang by blood.

  2. Flint Cole (The Trumpet Man) is actually a Cameo from RT's Minecraft let's plays. someone found flint and cole next to each other and somehow it evolve into an actual character. and though RT has always wanted to give this guy a show of his own they could never pull it off. so for now he is one of RT's most famous memes, randomly showing up when you least expect him.

  3. You might be wondering why I've disapperad for like a bunch of episodes well I got busy and commented at the last minute meaning I was ignored but I think imma quit with the comments becuase of busy shiz meaning the end of my wrath. Here is one last ship name before I die. Ryan x Glynda=Hate Sex.
    RIP Armen.
    "He had a shitty Amino accoutn with a shitty name and a shitty life. He will not be missed"

  4. And Ryan's "Weiss gets thrown in a volcano" joke is almost an actual prediction, because she tackles Flint "Trumpet Man" Cole into a volcano-esque heat vent.

  5. Monty actually based all of Team RWBY in part on their voice actresses, so they're all pretty similar. I tend to think Barbara and Yang are the closest though.

    Also, yeah, you'll learn in time that the great RWBY ship war is hard fought, and there are just as many people who will take things too far on both sides. Most involved though just have their opinion and are perfectly cool with those who have a different one.

    Even if Bumblebee is the only correct option.

  6. It would have been funny if Penny was like Bender when he got stuck with a magnet except instead of folk songs she would start singing heavy metal

  7. Hmmmm… let's see if I could help you remember how to pronounce Pyrrha's name, using some of my cringe-worthy humor…. ( even though I might get shot for this by FNDM because she is a very likeable character!?)
    Here goes…
    When u look at her, you might ask…. "Wow, with all that warrior armor, it must be hard to Peeeee… raaaahght??" ???? Mmmyeah, I know, I'm sorry ???

  8. Hey Ryan, if you could do RWBY reactions more often, many people would be much more happier. I don't insist or anything, but c'mon, ch.1 of vol.5 is already out. You also wanted to see world of Remnant and RWBY Chibi. So you are going to finish the released RWBY series in June of 2018 (and also forgetting in the process every single peace of information that was given in vol.1)

  9. God dammit, Ryan. You made another prediction in this episode without even realizing it. What do you think next month's lotto numbers will be?…asking for a friend…

  10. Anytime someone uses ship, shippers, shipping in the slang context, I cringe inside and a part of my faith in humanity dies a little.

    PS: If Marvel's movie Thor had a brother that didn't have any powers and ended up having an illegitimate love child with Tandy from The Last Man on Earth, you'd get a Hobo Ryan.

  11. "I think I thought of the best way to start a conversation….
    So I was on pornhub the other day"
    i died, and then was magically revived so I could finish the video


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