G’day my fellow nerds! My name is Larissa and today I am reacting to the Volume 5 Blake Character Short, wow just wow 🙂

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  1. This just cemented more in my mind that there was something else other than just friendship between Blake and Ilia. it's practically not even subtext at this point. It may have been unrequited (i think Ilia may have and and still has feelings for Blake) but there's more there.

  2. Such a great short n reaction, Illia quickly becoming one my favs very quickly. I dont know if her parents dying happened, but i think her friends laughing at the incident was the issue not necessarily the faunus that died, but it could very likely be both.

  3. Such a great short & Reaction, Illia is quickly becoming one of my fav's, Not sure if her parents died, but i think the issue was just that her friends laughed at the incident, but it could be very likely be both…

  4. Looks like there's still a bit of Blake's friend in Illia, as she couldn't shoot Blake.

    Looks like volume 5 will be a battlefield of alliances and friendships…. even with the enemy so close… Watt will happen I wonder?

  5. That was so Assassins Creed, the way they were moving through the crowd after a target. Clearly Blake was looking to capture not kill, which is interesting. I liked the idea of having a back story about the relationship between Blake and Ilia, that indicates to me that Blake's story arc during volume 5 will heavily involve Ilia. I wonder if Weiss and Ilia went to the same Prep School in Atlas? It also seems as if Sun is more like a team mate now, rather than a stalker or wanna be boyfriend. Just finally, I think the Yang trailer will release very close to the volume 5 premier as I think it will be about Yang finding and joining up with Ruby again in Mistral.

  6. Seems to me like they're setting up for the girls to confront their pasts in Volume 5. Weiss' short was set before the White trailer, Blake's contained flashbacks to before the Black Trailer, so now I'll be interested to see what happens in the Yang short and whether she'll also be confronting her past.


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