Heeeey iimm back i guesss!!
Sorry for the lack of uploads w the pass of the months,,, w me losing my internet due to technical trouble for a month, lost of motivation and a lot of family issues going on lets just say it wasnt easy to come up w video ideas for me.

But! Im back at the moment, at least b4 christmas comes here n the year ends, so here’s a lil warden speedpaint to see how far i’ve gotten w my art n stuff i guess..


Cartoon: Superjail
Character: The Warden
Program used for drawing: Paint tool SAI
Program used for recording: Filmora
Program used for editing: Windows Live Movie Maker

Song used in Speedpaint: Chu chu lovely-Maximun the hormone

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Facebook page:


  1. So I just got into this show today and I love this guy?? I thought everyone was dead and I found your channel and dfggghhh THIS LOOKS SO GOOD I LOVE YOUR STYLE BLESS ??


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