The strength of Jiren the Gray The true Origin of Jiren Dragon ball super episode 120 (Episode 1)

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There’s no other way to describe Jiren than over-powered. The Pride Trooper is one of the stronger fighters Goku has ever faced, and the Saiyan even lost to Jiren in a recent Dragon Ball Super episode. Goku’s latest transformation is not yet able to defeat Jiren, but fans shouldn’t be too surprised about Goku struggling.

After all, Toppo did confirm Jiren is just as powerful as fans have suspected.In the most recent chapter of Dragon Ball Super, fans watched as Goku and Toppo went head-to-head in an exhibition match. The hero powered through all his forms in hopes of beating Toppo, but the Pride Trooper did not relent. When the latter won the match, Toppo admitted there was a person in his universe that’s stronger than him.
“In our universe, there is a person named Jiren — He’s much stronger than I am. I still have a long way to go if I want to reach Jiren,” Toppo tells Goku before dropping another bombshell.
“By the way, based on combat skill alone… Jiren is stronger than our God of Destruction, Lord Belmod.”
Goku looks understandably shocked by the admission especially since the Saiyan has seen Belmod fight. When all the Gods of Destruction sparred, Goku remarked all their power was insane and that “their strength in mind-blowing.” If Jiren is stronger than both Toppo and Belmod, then Goku knows he will have a big fight on his hands.
The anime has referenced Jiren’s strength in passing during the Tournament of Power, but its manga has the time to stress the issue. Toei Animation’s website has also addressed the topic in Jiren’s online biography as it says his “true power is said to be at the level of God / Gods of Destruction.”
Of course, Goku did just get his own power-up to help counter Jiren and his strength. The fighter was able to go Ultra Instinct during his epic battle with Jiren, giving him a power which the Gods of Destruction struggle to use. If Goku can get a better handle on the power, then the Saiyan may have a chance at beating Jiren, so fans can only hope the hero finds a way to go Ultra Instinct once more. jiren, jiren vs goku, jiren vs hit, jiren vs beerus, jiren vs superman, jiren wallpaper, jiren meditating, jiren vs kale, jiren vs whis, jiren gif, jiren the gray, jiren power level, jiren meme, jiren facts, jiren beats goku
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  1. well yeah you know he turn ultra instinct again and get hang of it with his fight againced kalifa. these to girls fused together. there from i think the world where that sayan from 1st tornament is


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