Super thank you to Greetings of Grace for providing the flowers for today’s video! The flowers were GORGEOUS! This challenge was a BLAST! 🙂

Pressed Flower Website:
Use Coupon Code (10% Off ENTIRE Order): LEMIACRESCENT

Materials Used:
Greetings of Grace Pressed Flowers
Metallic Gold Uniball Pen
White Sakura Gelly Roll Pen
Copic Marker

Rules being:
Create an art piece incorporating pressed flowers! Any materials in additional to the flowers is absolutely fine!

Larger Finished Image: –

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  1. If you hang your flowers upside down, they dry out really well. I have roses from 4 or 5 months ago. (this works with roses for me)

  2. This was absolutely gorgeous! The illustration was so beautiful and inspirational and the flowers were a wonderful touch!:D <333

  3. This is beautiful! New sub ^_^ You're very good at making beautiful flowing lines. I think I'm stuck in toonland, but it's fun over there too 😀 haha

  4. Woah, I really love this idea! I love how it turned out also. I've seen card makers do something like this, but it just felt like another level watching you make this art.

  5. Enjoyed your video so much ==== such a pretty drawing and love the web site of flowers .I enjoy making pressed flower cards for my friends . Thanks for tips

  6. You can cut down on the breaking of your flowers by covering them in a layer or two of modge podge. It dries perfectly clear and protects them as well as making it easier to glue down. Your piece is amazing, I love the hair.

  7. I love this drawing soooooo much!!!!! The delicate flowers fit perfectly.

    If you want to dry flowers, try that:
    -Large Flowers should be dried individually. Smaller ones can be prepared in bunches.
    -Tie the end of each bunch with a rubber band.
    -Hang the bunches (or the individual flower) upside-down in a warm, dark location with dry air. This will prevent rotting and minimize fading.
    -Air circulation helps them to dry and it prevents mold, so keep the bunches in an area with a good cross-breeze.
    -Now you have to wait for 2-4 weeks.
    -NEVER use Hairspray! The flowers will turn brown.

    Maybe this will work^^


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