Deadline are reporting that Shane Black’s The Predator, will have a presence and a Hall H panel at San Diego comic con this year, with the potential for a new trailer to be released

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  1. Hey Mr. H. There’s news that Fox accepted Disney’s offer of 71 billion dollars. X-men and Fantastic Four in the MCU!!!

  2. Looks like they are doing damage control. Between a not so well received trailer and a costly bunch of reshoots. unless Dutch shows up to save the day. I think this will be DOA (Dead on arrival) .

  3. The movie will be a shit fest. Two crappy trailers (2nd was less crappy but still crappy), awful marketing, an autistic kid in big role, annoying Munn and Key, a bland baby faced lead actor, shot on digital instead of film, overly bright lighting, no Alan Silvestri and a stupid 10 ft super predator. How anyone in their right mind would be excited for this, I don't know. 28 years since the last good Predator movie… how fu**ing hard can it be??? I say this as a big fan of Shane and Fred, but they've screwed the pooch with this one. Oh and I forgot to mention the predator spiders and predator dogs. Yep, complete shit.

    The next logical step to take when this bombs, is to bring the predators to TV, on a good network like HBO, Showtime etc, where we can see a truer version of our favorite creatures.

  4. I can't wait to see the news footages and image of the predator movie. Hopefully they show off the appearance of the predator spiders,more multiple predators,the ark,more of the upgrade predator in action.

  5. You people are idiots , Fox still wants this as an event movie and has so much going for it , what because one test screening was bad ? So was blank panthers and hereditary , stfu and wait for movie

  6. Still have low expectations for this film. The trailer looked somewhat interesting but the Upgrade predator looks ridiculous.

  7. im looking forward to the straight to dvd Doom movie rather than this, i just think this is going to be a mess


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