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  1. You could of put wolverine on hold at target, get the toilet paper, go home, get some more money, then go back to get wolverine

  2. You could of put wolverine on hold at the store, get the toilet paper, go home to get some more money, and then come back to target to get wolverine

  3. please help!!!!!!!!shart please help me!!!!!! should i get the series1 ironman or the modern ironman please shat please help me

  4. Hey Shartimus I have an exclusive movie ironman, that u can only get in PAKISTAN which does not in marvel legends package but is still a marvel legends toy

  5. Now I know in this little movie and your girlfriend hates the action figures and your acting in the movie but does your girlfriend actually hate your figures in real life

  6. All the more reason to thoroughly wash and disinfect and figures acquired through trade or thrift stores.
    Especially the female figures!
    Hella wakkin!


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