AFTERBUZZ TV — The Expanse edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of Expanse. In this show hosts Kari Lane, Cherry Davis, and Rick Hong discuss episode 10 with special guest Cara Gee & Dominique Tipper.


The Expanse is an American space opera / mystery science fiction drama television series on Syfy, based on the series of novels by James S. A. Corey. Set in a future where humanity has colonized the Solar System, it follows police detective Miller (Thomas Jane), ship’s officer Jim Holden (Steven Strait), and his crew as they unravel a conspiracy that threatens peace across the System and the survival of humanity.

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Created by Emmy winner Maria Menounos & producer Keven Undergaro, AfterBuzz TV is the digital broadcast network dedicated to producing live and on-demand after-shows, news and coverage for nearly every TV show featuring expert recaps & interviews with cast & crew.


  1. Classic how every time Cara introduces herself she has to say "This is my real voice". Reminds me of how Walter Koenig had to do that. 😄

  2. It's not Miller as Holden remembers him but actually Miller as he remember himself because Holden never ever saw Miller with the hat!

  3. Very interesting and thought provoking conversation about The Expanse episode Dandelion Sky Kari , Rick , Cherry , Dominique and Cara

  4. Great aftershow. Question: did Holden ever see Miller with his hat? Remember, he left it on Ceres Station in Julie’s apartment (on the hook). His friend on Eros asked where “his” (meaning the hat that he gave Miller) was…since he wasn’t wearing it. So, did Holden ever see Miller with his hat? I don’t think so.

    It is great to see Nagata and Drummer together in real life. They seem to carry the party wherever they go. Such sweet ladies.


  5. My prediction is the tv show will follow the book, Abaddon's Gate's ending! The characters might have been switched around but everyone's in their proper positions in the story except Father Hector, Diogo and Bobbie ! And I am excited!

  6. Miller is being projected from the proto-goo they missed in the Roci. In the slow-zone it can interface with the protomolecule hive-mind which is why his "signal is stronger" so he's more coherent. The proto-miller has information that Holden never had (i.e. what exactly happened in his final moments with Julie) so his existence definitely doesn't have anything to do with Holden's memories.


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