I haven’t uploaded an AMV/PMV in a while. The song is The Devil Within by Digital Daggers. The anime is Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds. The pictures are from the anime and fan art from various artists. The Pairing is TreasonShipping or Dark Signer Kiryu x Yusei. I don’t own anything in the video and all rights belong to original owners.

The story is that Yusei, who loved Kiryu, decided to become a Dark Signer to stay with him. Kiryu still wants revenge against him and Yusei has become just as twisted and dark as Kiryu has to remain by his side. Thus “the devil within”…


  1. Dark Wolves is a fanfic I think you would love to read if you want.
    Also, I've done my own spin on this idea where Yusei is a signer for both sides. But things don't play out so well. 😀


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