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Spricket (Whitney), Gurrrd (Sam), and Sluuurm (Jeremy) are chasing down a clue in the shape of a dragon’s egg. But will that dragon be happy to see them? I dunno – you’ll have to ask Maude!

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  1. even in the background, the powerful screeching of the mother dragon we could feel Maude's presence…WE MISS YOU MAUDE

  2. ok so I had a cool idea for the next season of sorcererfed… What if you had parties (maybe 2 each) that campaigned AGAINST each other? There could be one evil team and one good team, with switching between parties each episode. Stuff could happen like Team one sends an informant to team two. Next episode, Team two finds a strange traveler in their midst and decide to kill them… there would be no pre-decided winner, but actual failure a possibility because the other team could win the campaign. I understand this would be extremely hard to make happen, but its just an idea. I thought you guys could appreciate it! Keep up the awesome content! (I'm going to keep commenting this on the next video so hopefully you guys will see it):)

  3. Maude is so good at acting I love it. And I know she gets off track sometimes but I love Spricket, I mean Dickett lol. This episode was hilarious

  4. i really wish they picked someone other than whitney for this, she tends to be a little rude towards everyone and everything.

  5. Everyone so focused on Maude they missed one thing, no one mentioned Spriket putting the egg down when they fought The Roc so….she did that whole battle with that egg.

  6. I don't get the second riddle. How is "air' lack of space? Definitively it is a gas which does occupy space, and connotatively it is usually perceived as "an open space". So if anything that part of the riddle directly contradicts the answer of "air". Without that it would be the easiest riddle ever, though "wind" would be more accurate I think.


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