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Tary’s past catches up with him, as Vox Machina find themselves racing towards the city of Deastok.
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  1. hardly a spoiler but still

    and now a look inside the mind of Keyleth: "AND I'M FREEEEEEEEEEEE, FREE FALLIN."

  2. Watching this for the first time. Wow, I thought Grog was the stupid one. Water or rocks it doesn't matter that's a 1000ft drop. However I haven't laughed that much in a while so happy that sometimes Marisha's stupidity can be entertaining.

  3. At the end, Matt made it seem like a swap on the dice roll (hitting water instead of rock) would have changed anything. But terminal velocity from 1000 feet into water would be just as deadly as landing on rock.

    And even if she wouldn't die from breaking surface tension, she would still plow straight down into the sea bed below. 60 feet below sea level isn't enough to cancel 1000 feet above it.

  4. Laura Bailey is as clever as Marisha is dumb, im glad they are part of the same team, they kinda nulify each other xDD

  5. The "We're gods" Animated was one of the first CR things I saw… Now I'm here, I finally reached it! Now onward to catching up to the rest of Season 1!

  6. LOL 1000 foot jump into water. Might as well be concrete. People jump off high bridges into water to kill themselves. That's a thing.

  7. I watched that episode a long time ago but I came back to watch Keyleth jumping off a cliff again. And yes, that shit is still really funny

  8. Taliesan a few episodes back: "She(Keyleth) died as she lived."
    Marisha: "A fucking dumbass."

    That somes up Keyleth pretty well this episode.

  9. A few things that death was hilarious, the acting afterwards was great, also one thing luara was just fishing around in her bag the whole time marisha was falling so in game she was just watching keyleth fall fall fall and splat on the ground I kept thinking "Laura your on a broom stop this!?" The whole thing was hilarious Travis and Sam where the best but matts face was funny as hell.

  10. It's really painful to watch Keyleth. Holy shit that blew my mind.

    Also for all the criticism Orion got for trying to make the game about his character, Marisha basically does exactly the same thing.

  11. Omg they need to go to Wildmount. That's where the Briarwoods came from and logically where they learned about the sphere.

  12. Spoilers…………………………. Taryon, as an adventurer, probably has enough money in petty cash to pay all his father's debts. Adventurers are insanely wealthy compared to the common people.

  13. Keyleth splattering herself on the rocks! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! Oh, that is what you get! THINK before you act! LOLOLOLOL

  14. I feel so bad for the players. Matt's had them betrayed way too many times and now they are just paranoid messes.

  15. Hahaha that was the most Keyleth moment in the entire campaign so far, I cant believe Grog would have survived if he was raging haha, he's such a beast.

    I feel like no one is taking anything serious anymore, Im especially surprised that Percy didnt mind a rogue agent sneaking into Whitestone and targeting an innocent lady to be forcefully bound and gagged in her own home just for the sake of distracting Vox Macina while abducting their friend in the middle of the night, what if no one went to check on the lady in her home lol she could have died, on top of that Percy actually went along with making sure the agent got paid for their work like it was some honourable service or something haha, i think those cakes the agent gave them definitely must have had some sort of secret ingredient haha.

  16. to be honest, would anyone
    in your home game,
    have saved a player
    that made such a stupid move
    as jumping off a 1000 ft cliff…
    no one would

    unless they were sleeping with the dm!!!

  17. Dear God I hope that one pale guard that stepped into the Death Orb comes back into the second campaign as a Lich or something haha

  18. So interestingly enough… a 1000 foot cliff is roughly 10 stories shy of the being as tall as the Empire State building, (just for reference.) Any fall from 250 feet will accelerate to about 85 miles per hour, so by the end of her fall she was probably approaching 120 mph. The surface tension of the water was probably like hitting concrete at that speed, but thankfully, she hit… the rocks… wait….

    So actually… I think Matt was pretty merciful in his calculations. I'm a huge fantasy nerd, but I have to admit I panicked watching this episode when Keyleth jumped off the cliff. I assumed she'd turn into a bird, (or something similar), but when she turned into a goldfish… well, at least she died with a smile.

    It's actually pretty hilarious, since Marisha obviously didn't have a clue what 1000 feet up really looks like, (who really does?!) and the others are trying to warn her about terminal velocity and the perils of falling 92 stories onto rocks. It's moments like these, (and the subsequent reactions from the rest of the cast), that make this SO MUCH FUN to watch!


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