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The only reason I made this was basically just because I’m so jealous of all the amazing edits anime editors make. But I haven’t watched that many series (I’m such a fake fan) and I didnt want to go through downloading whole series to edit. And I just edit BTS really. But there isn’t an anime of BTS haha. So I had this “BRILLIANT” idea to just make my own anime! Yeah… in retrospect that might’ve been a bit harder than I thought since I’ve literally never drawn anime before, let alone animate and edit it… I was planning on doing all the members but quickly gave up on that idea when I saw how time consuming it was to only make one… But everything you see in this video, apart from the paint splatter and a texture overlay, was made by me. Which is honestly so unnecessary but I wanted to challenge myself.

I also realise that Suicide Squad is long gone and not really relevant anymore haha. But I was so exited for it when I saw the trailer and made a promise to make a longer video of my “BTS as Suicide Squad” vine. That spark kind of faded when I actually watched the movie and found out it was absolute garbage. Ok. Not garbage, but come on, it was really bad. It was messy and badly executed. I think it had so much potential, I mean everyone was so exited for it and then we all found out that the trailers were basically just false advertisement (like The Joker wasn’t the main villain? Come on.) and instead decided to go for the route that every single superhero movie do right now (aka light beam and aliens). If they had gone with the theme of the trailers I actually think it would’ve worked.

Ok, I kind of lost track why we’re here… Ok. What I wanted to say is that this is an idea I’ve had for a long time and it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. Which killed me to be honest… I was, still am, so upset that I couldn’t do this. But I need to lower my bar a little and realise I cant do everything on the first try. I won’t be trying this again since it was so much work for very little pay off. But since it was two weeks of my life (although I procrastinate like crazy and gave up multiple times so thats not really an accurate description of the time I spent) I wanted to share it so all that time didn’t go completely to waste. I’ve been really unfocused lately and I’m gonna try new stuff and different styles to get me back on track with normal editing again. Thank you all for being so patient with me x

Music: “Purple Lamborghini” by Rick Ross and Skrillex
Program: FireAlpaca and After Effects CC 2107

(Second side note: Intro was VERY inspired by Mirai Nikki Opening)


  1. i dont know if you're going to notice this comment but i just wanna say that your editing skill is on a whole another level

  2. you could never tell that this is your first time drawing anime, it's so good and creative and arghhh i love it!! your talent slays me lol

  3. oh wait hold up man, my fave editor uploaded new vid and im shook- ? OMG I PROUD OF YOU MAN insert Tae's voice

  4. The effort you put into this is incredible. Don't be so hard on yourself this was a completely new thing you tried and it had an amazing outcome. Practice makes perfect and it's never going to be perfect on the first try, but I sure as hell loved this❤️❤️

  5. this makes me wanna watch suicide squad for the 5th time (yes i really like the movie) and this BTS edit'?!?? im speachless!!!!! gurl you are good at this!!! im subscribing!!!!

  6. damn I didn't know you can draw well! like omg look at tha talents you have.

    really love the ending part where the logo appeared the same time the beat drops. that's freaking cool.

    don't look down on yourself though, we have a wide room for improvement and this is already amazing! ?

  7. i just check a yoonmin sad animation and i see this i click it so fast lmao and then my tears just disappear and i was like "daaaammmn! this is too good!"?


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