Super Saiyan 4, one of the most popular forms of Super Saiyan. How does it compare to the insanely powerful Super Saiyan Blue state? Dragon Ball GT introduced us to the savage nature of the Oozaru state, yet keeping true to the tenacity of what a Super Saiyan really is! However, during 2013 and onward, the Super Saiyan God forms were revealed to offer an alternative path for Goku to become far stronger and be a worthy match-up against Beerus, the Hakaishin of Universe 7! Goku within both GT and the Dragon Ball Z movies (as well as Super) obtained forms well beyond that of Super Saiyan 3, however, which one is stronger? The debate is finally over! Find out the answers to this match-up, how powerful Vegito is compared to other characters in the franchise, what Super Baby’s forms REALLY are, and much more! Please be sure to subscribe and like the video if you enjoyed, thanks!

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  1. Thank you very much for watching and special thanks to Neon for making me that sweet intro!

    To answer some of your questions or confusions;

    "OmG buT ssj4 woUld Lose so Hard!"

    Keep in mind, I am only using DBZ Super Saiyan Blue Goku, which has different scaling than Super. I stated this at the very start of the video.

    "Uhh, but Heroes showed Blue and SSJ4 to be somewhat equal!"- Game characters are FAR stronger than GT or Super characters, so that is irrelevant,

    "Why did you downplay Kid GT Goku?"
    I said he would be 50x of SSJ3 Z Goku at least, meaning he would still be above Super Buu and the majority of Buu saga characters. So the Infant Baby>=Super Buu argument is not contradicted whatsoever.

    "Why did you give Goku a 10x boost for training?"
    Explained this in the video, but Goku got at least 8-10x more powerful as his MSSJ state>Majuub who was>SSJ3 Baby Saga Goku. Then, in Super, we see that Goku got at least 10x stronger from the U6 arc to the end of the Goku Black arc since he needed kaioken x10 to keep up with Hit, then, in the rematch he didn't need it whatsoever.

    "GT can be scaled to the movies"

    That can be argued, but the series only takes in account a few movies and the main events of Z happened, meaning several movies could not have taken place at the same time. I will do a video on this at some point though.

    ""Where did you get SSJG=SSJ3 Vegito?"

    It is the only way to calculate SSJG 's power using the official multipliers and statements. Never claimed that God multiplier was official or anything of the sorts. Regardless, I still proved that even with insane lowballing, SSJ4 is just BARELY stronger.

  2. dragon ball gt take place hundreds of years into the future after Z. dragon ball super take place a few years after Z. what's there to compare. older more trained goku is superior

  3. Powerscaling in Super just sucks too much. Ssjg 320k times stronger than ssj3? Thats why a shitty potara fusion of 2 weaker saiyans stomped goku ssjg in base form. Which is supposed to be TENS of times stronger than both individuals together. (Stated by Vados).. pls don't comment with "goku was tired" shit again even at 1% of his max power he should stomp them. This kinda debunks all of this again. In terms of design and everything else basically ssj4 >>> all of supers forms

  4. I did the maths quite a while ago to prove that frieza can indeed get as powerful as he is now, from the namek saga, and found that SSJGSSJ is equal to SSJ4, I scaled frieza’s power linearly (which is a mistake) but I determined frieza’s power to be like 36 ot so trillion or maybe 3.6 don’t remember it was really like a week after the F movie cane out and I found out that if we apply the regular SSJ boost pattern, then Goku would be slightly weaker than Frieza (which was the case in the movie).So basically SSJGSSJ Goku in Resurrection of F is as powerful as DBZ Goku using SSJ4I hid this cuz I hate GT and believe it's blasphemy, but ye… P.S. no idea how SSJGSSJ Powers you up, is it a sinply multiplier like the rest of the SSJ transformations or does it scale etc.

  5. In Battle of Gods and Super, goku went ssj3 against beerus and was not down without Beerus putting any effort. Do u really think goku goin ssj4 would change a the outcome

  6. All these mfs forgetting GT is as cannon as the movies, and talking ahout how "GT took place after Super" shit far as the story is considered it never took place at all haha

  7. The SSJ God form wasn't so bad at the start, the concept was good. But SSJ Blue ruined it…

    SSJ Blue form is the "transformation of too much", used anytime for anything, to counter a Krillin's Kamehameha or to challenge Android 17, this form has lost value in my eyes, it's not as impresive as it should be.

    Instead, the Ultra Instinct is just superior to everything, in terms of power, staging, the way to reach it and, even if it may seem simplistic, the aesthetics that I like a lot.

    And I think that the color white is definitely better for representing a power able to surpass the gods than the colour blue, but it's just my point.

  8. This guy doesn't know much. Throwing out numbers on guess work and statements from characters in the show as fact.

  9. Wouldn't Kale's Legendary Super Saiyan form play a part in how strong their fusion Super Saiyan form is? LSSJ is different than SSJ Grade 1.

  10. I feel like sometimes seth should debunk some of your videos because you are not very specific. And confuse alot of viewers.

  11. Blue is stronger than 4 and here’s why. Putting aside the canon and non canon get goku from the beginning would be stronger than goku at the beginning of super but as much as we know goku and vegeta in super is being trained by whis in witch get Goku and vegeta haven’t. I’ll finish this up later

  12. One piece of degenerate faggotry against another, both being insulting perversion to that which is REAL DRAGONBAll…All GT and DBS fans are degenerate trash with no respect to the original and only correct canon, and the two anime series which represent it most profoundly:"Dragonball" and "Dragonball Z(non-kai)" Eng DUB.


  14. You guys keep forgetting Goku during the DBGT timeline has had far more training down the road during the time frame after the martial arts tournament at the end of DBZ and his base form as a kid is the equivalent to SSJ3 when he fought kid buu, therefore his adult form SSJ4 is leagues ahead of what he achieved in his SSB state. SSJ4 Goku is way stronger than SSB, but Ultra Instinct is stronger than SSJ4 though. Hell, the movie villain in DEC's DBS movie is based off of SSJ4, so get ready! 😀

  15. Nigga come on now you forgetting that first dancing nigga he fight who he says is way stronger than Buu and Goku booty raping that nigga in base then he transform like 3 times and goke still ficks him up that's like 20 times multiplayer game time my nigga

  16. And my nigga rildo say his power had multipled 100 after the first super Saiyan I mean power scale ssj4 kills his ass


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