Hey to all DC Fans! Here is a new awesome amv/tribute to DC’s Hero Static Shock! Just a mix of all his themes through his seasons and how far he’s come. Also this song is song and made by a member(s) of NerdOut. Don’t 4get to check them out and subscribe. Trust me they are awesome! Remember that REAL owners and maker’s of shows/videos/songs are given credit further in the disruption. That includes the link to either a lyrics version or the actual channel to the owner(s). READ EVERYTHING B4 JUDGUING! Also the links of the song shown is just to show you who the original singer(s)/Artist(s) is/are, I either bought the song from iTunes or other stores/places, or borrowed it from a friend. Hope you enjoy it!
I do not own, nor do I claim to own, any of the materials featured in this video. This video is a fan video submission and all materials are the property of their respective owners.
All rights are reserved to their respective owners.
Music: Static Shock Themes
Artist: YouTuber named SORA870 (multiple singers and makers, but for now the combination was made by a YouTuber)
Here is the link of the artist/singers, song belongs to them

Show and/or movies: Static Shock
I do NOT own anything; it is just for fun and my first time making a music video. No copyright is intended, I do NOT claim this show that I used in Adobe with the song.
Shows and movies belong to Warner Bros. Animation DC Entertainment, DC comics, and more. All songs, shows/movie clips, and more belong to their respected owner, singers, publishers, and more.



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