Warning! This video contains flash effects!
Song/Audio: My Boy by Billie Eilish
The audio doesn’t belong to me. All ownership goes to the rightful owner(s). Please support the official release.

Media/Series: Star VS The Forces Of Evil by Daron Nefcy
Pairing(s)/Character(s): B=Star Bytterfly/Tom Lucitor
Program: Adobe After Effects CC 2018
Edited by me. Please don’t copy and/or repost.
Dear SVTFOE please accept me with your not-being-dead-ness

I heard this song a while back and it really gave me Tomstar vibes?? And I’ve watched to make a SVFOE AMV for some time now, so why why not!

I’ve used that blue color correction (It consists of multiple effects & layers) before and I used it again because I really like it! Blue is also ‘typically’ a color that gets used for boys, and since this song is called ”My Boy” I thought that it would be a nice reference ♥

The same goes for the color palette in my All The Boys MEP ~
But the editing was fun, I liked working with all the different fonts (:

My favorite SVFOE ships are Star/Tom & Tom/Marco, which just prooves that Tom is objectively the best character in the show ~~

Well after Eclipsa of course.

I love her.. Her fashion sense is so good???

I had a looping Eclipsa AMV in mind but I scrapped it because it looked bad and I didn’t like working on it anymore. But I have another idea for an Eclipsa AMV with a Marina song, which I am excited to start on! ^_^

Next week will probably be a Rapple AMV with a yandere-ish song! Well it fits Evil Rapple purrfectly so I couldn’t resist.

Enjoy ♥
Fanart credits:

0:11 by Anomalyah on Tumblr.


  1. Apologies! I was supposed to upload this on Sunday. But Youtube completely glitched (the same glitch as with my ''Rainbow'' video) and I had to reupload it. Which took me some time! Hope you still like the video! 🙂

  2. YOU-

    I love u.

    Srsly THIS IS SO GOOD and i'm not even talking in a StarTom fangirl sense cause i don't ship them that much, is just THE EDITING IS ALWAYS SO GOOD HOW ARE YOU THIS AMAZING AHFIENDOANFOWBS

    She's my fave character along with a few others so let's hope she won't die like my faves usually do.

    What songs are the ones you talked about? If i can ask.
    I'm talking about the ones you mentioned in the description, the Marina one for Eclipsa and the Evil!Rapple one. I'm just very curious rip

    Said this, again amazing job my dear! This was beautiful <3
    Have a good day, and stay safe :3
    See you on Discord :3

  3. ahh…your taste in ships is the Best <3 rapple, tomco and tomstar?? sign me the fuck up!! and this vid is amazing <33

  4. Oh I didn't know you watched svtfoe !! This is beautiful and amazing. I always love your edits and on top of all that this is my favorite ship in svtfoe^^

    PS this song gave me tomstar vibes too !!!


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