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Song: Spooky Scary Skeletons – The Living Tombstone
(Thank you The Heta Awesome Box for the suggestion)

Pictures: DeviantArt & Tumblr

Program: Sony Vegas Pro 13

THANK YOU ALL FOR 3K SUBS! I saw it and a freaked! I decided to do something special as a thank you. This video is also the first time I actually used Gaster fan art. He is a spooky scary skeleton too guys. This was a lot of fun to make and I hope to make more videos like this one in the future.

Thank you so much I can’t even right now.

::More to Come::

(눈‸눈) Please don’t put ‘hate’ in the comments. Thank you.

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Picture sources are located in a DA Jornal:

I’m positive I didn’t miss any sources this time because I saved the links here as I was collecting pictures.

I tried to use art I haven’t really used before in this video to give other Undertale artists more exposure. I think it turned out lovely 😀


  1. undertale gaster: I scientist that created the core and fell into it, causing his death.
    underswap Gaster: I fucking idiot that fell into the core cuz he was an idiot

  2. is gaster supposed to be a skeleton? cause I dunno if he is or not cause his head is more weird than sans's head or papyrus's head

  3. Awesome Vid 😉 can anyone give me the link to the first pic of Sans in the vid.. can't seem to find it on devianart or tumblr

  4. I saw this video on someone else's account and Idk if they asked for permission or of you don't mind, but I thought I would just tell you.

  5. is this dubstep? (is that what it's even called?)

    if it is, apparently I like dubstep

    runs away from haters and people who love it cuz I don't like crowds


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