I’m trying to save up for a Nintendo Switch so I can play Splatoon with my friends. It seems like such an cool and fun game, so I wanted to make myself a wallpaper of Pearl! Though I ended up making some mistakes with this one, it was fun and somewhat of a learning experience :0
I want to some time make a more dynamic and colorful drawing that has both of the members of Off the Hook, or maybe just some icons and make a speed-doodle of that. In any case, hope you enjoy this, and hopefully I’ll have improved more by next time!
Finished picture can be found at: www.mynamtimmy.tumblr.com
Music used:
25 Sense (Lo-Fi Acoustic Hip-Hop Instrumental)
dark cat – BUBBLE TEA (feat. juu & cinders)
Software: Paint Tool SAI
Editing: Windows Movie Maker
Recording – OBS


  1. Very nice! What a pleasant surprise. It is nice to see more art from you and I'm sure others would agree. You've developed a very well made and creative art style and it is one that I enjoy. I look forward to every video you make.

    P.S The king has passed away so unfortunately he will no longer be able to see the gifts that you grant upon us. Rest in peace.


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