1. lemme give you the reason.There is some spoilers to hero mode btw.
    so,back in Splatoon one,Callie,one of the squid sisters and Agent 1,was one of the major roles in that game,but she lost the final Splatfest,which is why you see Marie in Hero mode.Even if you finish hero mode,Callie still isn't present because Nintendo decided that Callie was busy with her acting career(found in sunken scrolls).One amazing person(DDBoftheStars/Trevor)decided Callie needed a better role,and contributed with daily posts called Daily Callie 2.He then decided to created the #BringBackCallie so that Nintendo notices that Callie needs to be more present in the Splatoon community.That's why everyone is posting about this(including me).Well,hope you understand!


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