credit for ref images used:

materials used:
strathmore mixed media journal/sketchbook
muji mechanical pencil
copic multiliner
pigma brush pen
artnfly markers

Turn it Off from The Book of Mormon (cover by DenverDebonair)
You’ll be Back from Hamilton (cover by Nathan Schaumann Piano)
Dear Theodosia from Hamilton (cover by Jon Pumper)
Trade Mistakes from P!ATD (cover by lsp7856)


  1. i was doing some quick sketches of spiderman the other day (the ones in the beginning of the vid) and i ended up wanting to turn one into a speedpaint. its not the best, but i had fun with it!

    i really want to get around to making a full traditional piece speedpaint for this channel cause i haven’t in a while, and i think i have an idea so perhaps looks forward to that? sorry my content recently hasn’t been the best, i’ve been working on stuff behind the scenes and haven’t had too much time for personal art but i’m gonna put more effort into organizing my schedule better

  2. I don't know what it is that makes me so entertained by watching other people draw. I'm an 'artist'(?) myself, but for some reason I still love watching others draw – possibly because I like to see how other artists draw and colour and paint etc because each artist is different. ? Idk it's just something that's struck me recently

  3. "im going to do some homework!" notification pops up "HOLY GUACAMOLE GREYWICK UPLOADED A VIDEO!!!" completely forgets about homework and watches the video


    ☆ "YOU'LL BE BACK"☆

  5. ur videos make me feel so bad ant myself ,,, i can barely draw a circle and ppl be out here doing tHIS .. WOW

    ur so good tho i love all ur art sm

  6. I’m in love with your art style!!! Did you come up with it all by yourself or did you have any inspiration? If you do please tell!!

  7. Love the casual Broadway background music ???? also are the mechanical pens from muji and are they worth buying, would you say they’re top quality? Love your art btw ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Heh, seems like I'm deffintly not the only Person who's obsessed with Peter Man/Spider Parker. XD.

    PS. Great drawing thoug! ?

  9. I love the older spider man movies from 2002 and onward. :3 I have seen the homecoming one yet cuz I'm broke but imma buy it on YouTube.

  10. When I was little, I never expected myself watching a talented artist draw Spiderman and flipping out over a song called Dear Theodosia.

  11. What colouring marker did u use when doing the blue before u started adding copic layers? Has a really smooth look to it I'd love to buy some :3


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