Celebrating fans love of the father son dynamic between the MCU’s Tony Stark and Peter Parker. Iron Man & Spider-Man and who will help them form the Superfamily?


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  1. I like the idea of Tony being the father figure to Peter. It brings out the best sides of them both. And yes that specific scene had me in tears. I can't wait to see Avengers 4 and Tony trying to get Peter back. I hope that will make him finally reach out to Steve for help.

  2. I love the Tony-Dad Peter-son dynamic. I even am here for Peter being Tony's biological child. I'll read classic superfamily, but I prefer Pepperony and whatever you want to call Steve/Natasha. I'm not the biggest fan of Doctor Strange, so I don't see him in any sort of romantic pairing. I have read a fair few Stony fics just because of the quantity of it means a certain amount is quality, and I'm sadly long past my middle school days were everyone seemed a great writer. I kind of came up with my own story line on how to fix Infinity War where it leaves off, and my friends want me to write it, but as I did my own thing, I haven't really reached for other fix-its yet.

  3. I'm basically CLINGING on to the old Superfamily (Iron Man, Cap, Spidey)
    It's still my headcanon. I would LOVE Dr. Strange to be an uncle to Peter though!


  5. I think it would be interesting to have Steve and Tony to start out as a couple with Peter as their child, then they divorce and Tony wins over Peter somehow (In Homecoming because he got his suit out of it) and then Tony tries to reboot with Dr. Strange.

    THen you can have the story of Tony being a single father, Tony x Strange being a couple and if you want to a story where Steve tries to win Tony back or the other way around with Tony trying to make Steve jealous.

    I think that would be interesting either way.

  6. Would love a trans peter head cannon theatre! It’s such a cool idea that I think really furthers the potential bonding moments between tony and peter

  7. I don't usually watch videos like this (not really a shipper) but your vids are so detailed, well put together, and super intriguing. I love them! Keep up the great work!

  8. I like the idea of Tony being an adoptive father or someone who isn’t even his father, just a guardian figure who acts like a dad (if you get what I mean). I also like IronStrange as his dads too

  9. This video was so fun to watch! I've been a casual MCU fan from the beginning, but something clicked with Infinity War that made me go out and watch it three more times in theaters…and spend all my free time devouring fanfiction…oh wait, I know exactly what that something was. Tony and Peter's beautiful relationship! I love them so much and I really hope that Tony's devotion to his (son) mentee is explored even further in Avengers 4. And for the love of God, please don't let Tony die! Peter can't lose another father figure!

  10. Great video! I love iron dad and I think ironstrange dads are growing on me. Also, I love your hair! The blue looks awesome 🙂

  11. Even in Spider-Man homecoming tony was talking Peter and said “god I sound like my dad.” also I like the new super family

  12. Don't get offended but I think This whole tony and steve Adopting Peter is just a whole accuse to ship stony..

  13. It's a shame this is a recent development. It would have been so amazing if this happened when the characters were first introduced in Marvel Comics. Tony is the perfect father figure for Peter. Well… Not the current versions mind you. Like if you had the mid 90's Tony mentor 60's Peter. Kind of like that.

    Have you ever posted a video about Steve & Natasha? For me, they're the Marvel OTP. I also follow the following ships. Spider-Man & Twilight Sparkle. James Hawkins & Ariel. Snowbarry. Olicity.

    Thank you for your time.

  14. Honestly lost track of how many Fics on Iron Dad and SpiderSon… but I do know I ahve a lot of tabs open at the Moment

  15. Shit, this video just made me realize that Tony has to die in Avengers 4. He has to. They can't bring Peter back and have him go backwards in tech if Tony is around. Why would Tony or Peter willinging downgrade back to the original suit after getting the Iron Spider? Furthermore, if Tony continues to live, Iron Dad will become canon, because I don't see Tony bicycling backward away from Peter after that heart wrenching death scene. I mean, fuck man, that scene made me cry!

  16. I liked classic superfamily but I do enjoy Peter and Tony's relationship in the much as well. I think it's adorable.

  17. I think the family dynamic no matter who's involved is fun. I've read zero fics, but I'm writing my own. Heh.


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