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  1. Let me know what kind of Deadpool Crossovers you want to see next year! Expect a bunch when they start promoting Wolverine 3! Posting new Game Of Thrones Walking Dead and Marvel/DC next 🙂

  2. For spiderman 3 i want deadpool to team with spidey to fight carnage and obviously they would need to fit venom into it that would be my dream marvel movie i would love deadpool to team up with guts from Berserk would be epic

  3. There are too many Deadpool books and media out there.

    Deadpool is just a shameless Spider-Man rip off with guns, swords, and pop culture references.

  4. I doubt that this will ever happen/ People need to stop being greedy for crossovers like this. People need to realize there's a lot more to Marvel movies than crossovers. A live-action Deadpool and Spider-Man crossover is most likely never going to happen.

  5. If deadpool name calls out batman that's were its marvel vs the justice league or even the avengers may just be busy fighting someone else or deadpool is at the end and he kills the justice league like for intense batman vs deadpool

  6. "So thus Spideypool was born out of their friendship."
    Yup…. that's a… That's a good 'ol friendship name right there. Just two bro's being bro's…..


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