Hi Mart here,

Ok so I just finished the Undertale serias by Jacksepticeye and It’s awesome the game is amazing and the voices from jack are perfect.
So I wanted to do something from the game so here’s Sans/Jackseptieye mashup 😉

And thank you JSE for this amazing series 😉

I hope you like it 🙂

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Krita 3.0.1
Wacom Intuos Pro M


  1. What a coincidence! So, today I was scrolling through 9gag and saw some of your speed drawing challenges. I was interested and went to your twitter account to see what else you were doing and immediately fell in love with your art style. So I looked you up, found your Youtube channel and started watching your videos. The first Video, the TraditionalDrawingStruggle one, assured me not only in you having talent but also a lot of creativity (especially the robot character you drew). So I subscribe to you and look at some more of your videos. And now I see this one. Just a two days ago I started watching and loving jackscepticeye´s Undertale Playthrough and today I find you. What a coincidence. The Internet is truly a wonderful place. Keep up the good work.

    …damn, guess it´s time for me to start practice drawing again…


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