ONLY open this description if you’re a REAL BADASS

commission for the wonderful clockaholic on tumblr of their oc Leo! beautiful pirate boy of my heart (please give him sunscreen)
go follow them!

I kind of went overboard (get it) with the lighting and editing on this one// but I’ll say right now that if I ever give you more than you paid for, you’re never obliged to pay extra ok I just get too enthusiastic sometimes ?

not sure if I misspelled something again in my video. probably. who’s even surprised anymore its 3:30 am and I’m dead inside

view the full image here!

Time elapsed: 3 hours and 45 minutes
Program: SAI painttool
Tablet: Wacom Pen & Touch


Song 1:
Song 2:

I don’t claim ownership of the songs used, the music is by Johnnyswim and The Brevet and I am merely using it for entertainment. Please support the original artists by purchasing their music!


  1. I love you and your art so much omg I swear once i get a job n everything I'm gonna commission you omg

  2. As a fellow artist, you motivate me to draw… I like your style, learn from you a lot 🙂 I see forward for your new pics to come 🙂

  3. HEYY 😀 I love all of the speedpaints you've been uploading recently, it's aqesome that you've got more time to dedicate to your youtube channel again! Awesome work C:

  4. How do you write with paint tool sai??? I just got the program and im not sure how to get rid of the tail thing that follows every time i try to write

  5. I love your videos !!
    It's so cool the way that you make the skecht and lineart (I always enjoy this part) and then BAM !! the color make it look so simple and beautiful and complicated… all in one video haha
    *Sorry for my bad english, I'm still learning

  6. I only just found you today in my suggestion selection and I looked at your art for a moment and I was like: 'mm. It looks pretty good. I'll check this one out.' So then I decided to check out your channel and I found some pretty great stuff. And that is my result to be subscribed to you. Absolutely love your style. It's amazing. Now, I just need to find out more about this story you have. I'm loving how these characters look. 😀 <3

  7. Now…… THIS IS WHAT U CALL BEAUTY! claps and throws flowers and dramatically cries (idk what im doing with my life anymore XD)

  8. I know this has been said a million times, but I love your art, it's just absolutely fantastic. Your drawings and the fitting music that you attach to each piece makes it memorable and beautiful. It's incredibly inspiring for me and has made me want to draw and post more art on my channel since I haven't in forever. I Genuinely want to thank you, and I hope you continue to make art on here for a long time. – Exited for your next video 🙂


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