hey open this description if Gum deserved better

it has, yet again, been a while since I uploaded anything (because I’m a fool and I can’t record anything unless I specifically plan to sit down at least 5 hours uninterrupted)

hope you like this introduction to the cast of Castus Hollow! It’s an independed mystery RP by Pidge, Ray and Hana. read more about it here!

Crimson – Citizen
Victor – Kira
Avalon – Tarvvy
Hazel – Luka
North – Pidge
Klaus – Xena
Cliff – me :]
Joy – Hana
Ozymandias – Gabby
Flutter – GT
Mist – Ray

please take some time out of your day to check out the owners of these beautiful ocs, whom I love, both the ocs and the owners (heart eyes motherfucker)

there used to be one more character part of the cast, but she died
sorry Gum 🙁

view the finished picture here!

Time elapsed: 8 hours
Program: Painttool SAI
Tablet: Wacom Pen & Touch


Song 1:
Song 2:

I don’t claim ownership of the songs used, the music is by Avalanche City and Graeme James, I am merely using it for entertainment. Please support the original artists by purchasing their music.


  1. Yay, another video! You're such a great artist! ?❤️
    Perfect start in the morning while I'm getting ready for a 6:30 AM morning marching band rehearsal.

  2. HOW DO YOU HAIR. IT BOOTYFUL AND SILK-LOOKING. (Btw please don't ever stop drawing. Your art gives me life and a talent like that deserves to be seen.

  3. The story seems interesting… You got me interested. And I love the music you put in the background, it always seems to fit.

  4. Omg Im AMAZED, Its so well done my godness ;;–;;. I need to ask, is there a site or link where you share your brushes? They look really good!

  5. Me: Well today, my OC looks on point, m…maybe I can draw !
    Me : watches Video
    Me : Nevermind

    Again amazing work ! I want to plaster my walls with every single drawing but I have no money T-T


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