DISCLAIMER : I OWN NOTHING IN THIS VIDEO! All rights go their respective owners.

Story behind this music video is I was watching RWBY (Web Series) in preparations for the Yang V.S Tifa DeathBattle over on ScrewAttack’s YouTube channel. it took 1 episode to actually like RWBY and 7 episodes to get a small idea of what Yang could do. Once the DeathBattle came out, i was stoked for it. And then I was listening to “I Burn” and so I went on a hunt for it, found it, bought it, and added it to my iTunes music… and then I made a Sonic music video… how about that? Ah, well, I enjoy making music videos and I hope to make more for you guys. Enjoy the video. You guys earned this one. 😀


  1. I'd say Sonic is more like Yang than Shadow is. Try making an AMV for Shadow using Red like Roses or From Shadows.


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