E-Klasse Desigskizze E-Class design sketch

Mercedes has caused a lot of talk and excitement with the release of the above sketch of the next generation E-class. It describes this model as a passionate design with brilliant and improved technology. This automobile is set to be revealed in Detroit auto exhibit less than two weeks away.

The sketch by Mercedes’ exterior design chief, Robert Lesnik, portrays the new E-class with large five-spoke wheels and a �?sports grill’. Similarly, Daimler will produce another version of the E-class with a traditional �?luxury grill’ that comes with the Mercedes Benz Logo. This new design resembles the C-class and S-class style and elegance. The difference comes in the horizontal lower front air intakes which give the automobile a sporty touch. Likewise, the upper character line, also described as the �?catwalk line’ draws attention to the vehicle’s poise and sophistication.

As seen above, Mercedes has revealed the interior of the vehicle, which features touchpad controls on the steering wheel and an available ultra widescreen display made up of two 12.3 inch diagonal displays. The vehicle has a number of phenomenal features that will make your experience driving more sensational.

The new Mercedes Benz will have the innovative “Car-to-X” technology that aids in sending the driver updates about driving conditions ahead. This technology also enables drivers with this similar technology to communicate with each other and report hazards on the road. With the installation of PRE-SAFE® System, drivers are safer on the roads. PRE-SAFE® Sound senses imminent danger and exudes a safe �?pink noise’ through the audio system to prepare your ears’ natural defense against the loud noises. Similarly, PRE-SAFE® Impulse Side aids in minimizing the impact of an accident by quickly inflating the front seat bolster, moving you further from the intrusion.

DRIVE PILOT has evolved automatic driving to a whole new level. It enables the vehicle to halt and go with the flow, stay within lanes; even in curvy bends, and can change lanes with the mere touch of the turn-signal lever. However, do not be fooled. You still need to know how to maneuver the vehicle, despite the automated experience provided.

The automobile has surpassed expectations when it comes to the 12.3-inch display. The screen brings together navigation, entertainment and many comfort features of this vehicle. Its display gives sharper graphics and more instinctive menus comprehensible to the eye and mind of the driver. A second 12.3-inch screen cluster is available at the owner’s request.

The new E-class Benz is expected to arrive in the market as E300, E450 AMG Sport, and Mercedes-AMG E63 S. later on, we should expect a diesel-fueled and a plug-in hybrid model to be available.  The main competitors of the E-class include the Audi 6 and the BMW 5-series, both of which are due for improvements in 2017. However, by the time they are released, Mercedes will have beaten them to it by releasing a new E-class station wagon, a coupe, and a convertible. Talk about setting high standards in the automobile industry.


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