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  1. You know someone has no idea what they talking about when they used weab porn. They missed spelled weeb. Which if you are going to insult someone. Get the spelling of your insult right. How lazy can someone get? That and my hero is not porn. It's a japanese superhero comic. That has been doing superheroes better then a fair number of western comics. Bringing in new characters both male and female people like and enjoy. Which at this point i believe is soon to have 13 vols out. Making it last longer then Chavez and Iceman. Oh yeah and got a tv show which i hear is getting a new season soon. Could be that quality which seems to be lacking these days. That and due to having that heroic spark. That what it takes to be a hero is inside of you. The willingness to put yourself into danger to help others with out so much as a second thought.

    That and the other guy who uses toxic. What is so toxic about this comic? Oh right it's just a buzzword use to mean something i don't like and try it make sound harmful, to get rid of it.

    I don't these people are going to buy it just to burn it. I mean watching stuff burn can be fun but i doubt they will cough up the cash. Which i don't get really get these people anymore. You have people are clearly against their sort of beliefs. Who will go out and buy something due to them hating it. So their outrage and throwing around toxic and insults. Is just going to make people more interested in this comic.

  2. Donald Thump is great. My Hero Magapedia is awesome! If Spider-Man Comic can have Obama in it, then why can't a satire with Trump? SJWs man, they'll REEE at anything Trump.

  3. Isn't SJWs calling to burn books more proof that they're actually more like nazis than any of the parties they attack?

  4. Doesn't sound like the SJW Censor squad isn't making a peep about Antarctic Press' How the Trump Stole Christmas. What a bunch of room-temperature IQ, pearl-clutching, water-cooler dictators.

  5. When the entire industry panders to you and you can't handle ONE book that isn't regurgitating your politics, you truly are bitchmade.

  6. Hey look those people are just like you! They see a comic that has something they don't agree with so they bitch and complain like it's the worst thing in the world. I wonder if that company is gonna do the right thing and fire the writer cause he is giving a bad representation of the company.

    I like how they said the character is representing Trump as he fights the swamp. It's funnie cause that's what Trump said he was gonna do but just basically did the opposite. This caricature has more integrity than the real thing! Ha

  7. Given the number of mainstream books that are currently peddling anti-Trump propaganda, how can anyone object to there being ONE pro-Trump book? These people need to read Fahrenheit 451. Or, if they have already read it, they need to read it again … and this time they should try to understand it. 🙁

    Oh, and you know who burned books in real life …? Nazis!

  8. Hardly surprising given these are the types of people that think making jokes about actual Nazis is somehow in support of Nazis.

  9. If only sjw's can shove their egos up their assess and enjoy a story for what it's for instead of worrying about diversity then we would get some amazing things that aren't trying to push an agenda and some actual art.

  10. they want to buy 1000 copies each one to burn them, while they didn't bought a single issue of "their" comics! HAHAHA! I should not make them wise about this, but… with that you will push the comic to a best seller and the ones you want to drop will dive in money while you make the most expensive and useless BBQ of history! they're far beyond stupid!
    also, smart ones, never guess who burn books? yeah, your ever present ghost: natzis! wonderful! in only one sentence you only didn't show how stupid you are, you show your real face!

  11. The article on the side is "Avengers director Joss Whedon (The man who used his power as an influential director to have sex with young women and cheat on his wife) calls for the Death of President trump".
    He will of course not be prosecuted under hate speech/in-sighting violence or treason because he's A) rich and B) a democrat, however I think it's worth mentioning that he is also the guy who champions women's rights… at least when doesn't have his cock in their throat, he wants them to have a voice.
    What is it with the democracts in the US and being fascists?

  12. Thump is Asian, right? Yeah, then the SJWs will ignore his minority status. Asians are probably THE minority (except possibly gay white men) about which they care the least.

    Asians make lies out of all their rhetoric. If America really IS a racist, intolerant hellhole in which non-whites cannot thrive, how are Asians the most successful minority in the country? Also, Asians don't live in the past, demanding unending compensation for past misdeeds. Japanese Americans aren't screaming for reparations because of internment. Chinese Americans aren't demanding reparations for how their ancestors were treated when they came over here to work on the railroads.

  13. The SJWs/LOSERS are pro censorship when it benefits them. But they don't like censorship when they are censored. That's why some refer to them as Control Left since they like to control things😂😂😂

  14. "Socialist Just-us Warriors" decrying others as "racist, sexist, literally Hitler" etc. is just a bad case of projection, and their screaming for literal book burning is as much damning evidence that they sponsor, and employ the same ( actual Fascist ) tactics that Benito Mussolini and Adolph Hitler employed.
    Remember kids: "Punch a Nazi" is just their propaganda for espousing/justification of violence against those they can not stand to exist as a means of distraction from the fact that they are the actual fascists. If they wholeheartedly adhered to "Punch a Nazi" in it's literal form the SJW's and groups like Antifa would be tearing themselves apart VIOLENTLY.

  15. If the FB thread they pulled from on the Antarctic Press FB page that I think it is, that shit was crazy. I had the Keven C. character go through my likes & pictures to try & prove I was a "Nazi". He skimmed over the Black Conservatives & Black Anarcho-Capitalist to find a controversial conservative smeared by the left as 'Alt-Right' – see AP has Nazi fans! Oh no you cannot publish a parody in support of Trump, you be evil Nazi now. If you DEFEND AP you are also a NAZI!. It is laughable. Even telling them the fact the creator is a immigrant of Filipino-Chinese decent & the owner of the company is Asian – that shit doesn't matter. Your race card is jacked. The fact that I admitted to being in love with a Black woman – doesn't matter. You don't condemn AP & Trump, you are a Nerdo Nazi.


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